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Best Engagement Rings for Women Under $500

by William Gist

Engagement rings, under $500? You might be thinking of it as an impossible dream but you can indeed get an elegant engagement ring just under $500. An engagement ring is one of the most precious things for a woman. For an engagement ring to be the most elegant one, it is not only a matter of money but also a matter of value. Often people don’t trust rings that cost less money. Yes, having that insecurity is normal.

The thing is, not all rings that cost less are a fraud. You can get real 14K gold rings or even ethically-sourced diamond or lab-grown diamond rings for just under $500 says www.australiandiamondbrokers.com.

Gold rings


If your partner is more of a gold person then what can be a better choice than a glittering 14K yellow gold band? Some rings have all the glitz that not even a highly expensive ring has. Gold rings can never go out of style. If you are familiar with the trendy rings then you would know that one of the gold rings always hit the trend every year.

  • The Marquise band- This ring costs only $302. Your bride can get all those shiny feelings along with the dramas in a single ring. It is a 14K yellow gold band and surrounds itself with five topaz stones. Having a ring at an affordable price with a lot of features are rare. This ring is one of those rarest ones that have all types of glitz.
  • Sapphire gold ring – The 14K sapphire gold ring has luxury engagement ring vibes. The brilliant trillion-cut white sapphire has sparkling beauty with it. Gemstones like white sapphires can indeed indulge the desire for a diamond ring. This type of rings cost only $205 to $220. The pricing is even lesser than the marquise band with more of a luxurious feel in it. Along with the luxuriousness, the Copenhagen-based slick style is another feature of this truly mesmerizing ring.

Moreover, several other ring bands are less than $500. According to NovitaDiamonds, Australia’s lab-grown diamond company, you can find your desired rings just within the range. There is pear cut diamond set rings, sterling silver, and diamond twig rings, gorgeous pearl rings in an orbit setting that are all in the range of $300-$500. These classic rings are so common nowadays.

Stone rings


Furthermore, if you love the stoned rings you should look for some multiple stones that surround a ring with them.

  • Markle-Esque- It is a three-stoned ring with having a big stone in the middle and two stones just right beside the middle stone. It will probably be going to make your engagement extra sweet with its elegance.
  •  Diamond eternity- if you are more of a multi-stoned ring person, this is for you. It is surrounded by a bunch of small diamond stones and costs less than $400.
  • Rose gold and Aquamarine rings. This type of ring costs only $463. It has a beautiful gemstone in the middle and around the middle one half of the circle or semi-circle has small stones as well. It is like a half-moon shaped rare beauty. The rose gold color along with several stones makes it a gorgeous piece of ring.

Lab-grown diamond rings:


You can also go for a ring which is merged with diamond and gold. Yes, the baguette-cut diamond ring also has 14K gold in it. You might be thinking that how can a ring which has both diamond and gold in it cost less than $500? Well, you will be astonished by the price then. This ring costs only $495. It is easily affordable with so many things in it. Moreover, there are also lab-grown diamonds that you may prefer for your partner. The oval, cushion, or, emerald shaped man-made rings that look exactly like the real diamonds; you can get only at $250.

  • Pear cut 14K gold solitaire- Why would you spend your couple of month’s salary on a diamond when you can easily afford the lab-grown diamond with spending a lot less amount? Lab-grown diamonds barely have any dissimilarity with natural diamonds. You can hardly recognize the difference between lab-grown and natural mined diamonds. The 14K gold pear cut solitaire costs only $449 which is way lesser than some of the natural diamonds.
  • 1/10 Ct. lab-grown diamond with 14K white gold- This type of diamonds is gorgeously made. The touch of white gold stones is marvelous. The price is also just under $500. It costs only $499.

Unique and trendy rings


People often look for a trendy or popular ring for brides. The modern touch along with subtle noticeable details makes rings fashionable and sophisticated.

  • The center stoned rings-You can get the shining diamond centered ring at $448-$500. This center stoned rings have a classic look that always stays in trend. To get a diamond ring at an affordable price you can indeed go for the classic mid stoned one.
  • Rings made of gems, stones and diamonds: Diamond ring with white sapphire including black stones around the middle stone is affordable and definitely a statement piece. If you have a tight budget and want a beautiful ring that can make your bride’s day at the engagement ceremony you should choose that ring. It costs nearly $380. You can save so much money even after buying the quality product.

So, these are some of the best engagement rings for women that you can get under $500. You need to be cautious while choosing the ring for your partner. Sometimes, different scammers give you the duplicate products without you even noticing it. You should do your research on diamond or gold rings to make sure that you don’t get tricked by the scammers. With the proper information, you can easily make the right choice and get your desired ring at an affordable price.