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The Gorgeous Celebrity Engagement Rings That Will Inspire You

by Dangula Bingula

Dreaming of walking down the aisle? Take a look at some of the biggest sparklers that the stars are wearing and find out how you can get the look for your own engagement ring.

Emily Ratajkowski


The model and actress, Emily Ratajkowski, showed off her engagement ring after she had already married her beau Sebastian Bear-McClard in a sweet wedding at city hall. She soon revealed a stunning engagement ring, with two large diamonds — a square and a pear-shape — on a thick gold band. It was anything but understated. Vogue named it on their list of  best celebrity engagement rings with the likes of sparklers worn by Kim Kardashian West, Beyoncé, Mariah Carey and Hollywood legend Elizabeth Taylor.

It’s not just the size of the ring that makes it so impressive, it’s the story behind it, too. Ratajkowski and Bear-McClard worked hard to get the perfect piece. They made 50 sketches to find the right design and then contacted a professional to help them customize their final pick. After all of that research and planning, the designer turned their romantic idea into a reality.

It’s no surprise that they delved so deep into the research stage. Ratajkowski has been open about her passion for jewellery and has many connections with designers from her years in the fashion and entertainment industry. Since her wedding, she has teamed up with designer Spinelli Kilcollin to create a jewellery collection. And her husband knows his stuff, too! Bear-McClard was a producer for the film Uncut Gems, a thriller about the diamond industry. His work behind the scenes definitely came in handy when they were brainstorming ring ideas.

Get Inspired:

Customize an engagement ring with the love of your life. Start by visiting a website like Alexisgallery.com to see a beautiful collection of expertly-crafted custom engagement rings with different gemstones, bands and styles. You can book a free consultation with the designer to discuss your own ideas so that you can come up with a ring that perfectly suits your taste and your budget.

Customizing your ring is a great way to guarantee that you’ll love it. And, making it as a couple will be a bonding experience that you’ll never forget. It will be one of the best dates you’ll ever have.

Blake Lively


The actress Blake Lively sports a 12-carat oval diamond on her ring finger. Her stunning solitaire pavé rose gold band is credited with advancing the rose gold jewellery trend that gripped the industry for the 2010s. This sparkler even influenced celebrities like Hailey Baldwin, who had previously joked that she wouldn’t get married unless she had a ring as big as Lively’s. Well, when the celebrity got engaged to pop star Justin Bieber, she was spotted wearing a massive oval-shaped diamond on a gold pavé band. It seems like she got her wish.

Lively’s ring is one of the most expensive celebrity engagement rings in Hollywood, coming in at an estimated value of $2 million. Considering how her relationship with Ryan Reynolds is still going strong, it’s worth every penny.

Get Inspired:

Enchanted with the oval shape? Work with a professional jeweller to find the right shimmery oval for your ring. Just make sure to check for the “bowtie effect” when you buy.

The cut of an oval diamond can result in a bowtie shape across the middle. Depending on the stone, it can be a subtle tinge or a prominent shadow. Look at the gem from different angles to make sure the bowtie isn’t a dealbreaker. Also, consider the ‘shape appeal’ of the stone. Oval diamonds can be more elongated or more rounded, so it’s important to look at the ratio that you like best.

Kate Middleton


Kate Middleton received her “something blue” before she even walked down the aisle: a 12-carat Ceylon sapphire engagement ring surrounded by 14 diamonds from Prince William. Not only was the ring an eye-catcher, it was also a meaningful gesture from William. The ring belonged to his late mother, Diana.

When Diana died, her sons were each allowed to take one of her precious belongings. William took a watch. Harry took her engagement ring. Years later, when William realized that he wanted to propose to Kate, he asked Harry if he could trade him the watch for the ring. He later explained that using this ring was his way of making sure that his mother didn’t miss his wedding day.

And, as you can guess, she said “yes.” Kate and William were engaged in 2010. They were married in 2011 in a beautiful ceremony at Westminster Abbey. People crowded the streets to get a glimpse of them. Millions live-streamed the event online. Their royal nuptials captivated the entire world. It felt like a real-life fairy tale.

What you might not realize is that this ring created quite a stir when it first showed up on the scene! Before marrying Prince Charles, Lady Diana Spencer chose the sapphire ring instead of taking a royal heirloom or having a ring custom-made. The media was scandalized by her decision and accused her of choosing a “commoner’s ring” that was unworthy of the position. Decades later, this so-called commoner’s ring is one of the most coveted designs around the globe.

Get Inspired:


Sapphires are gorgeous gemstones that are guaranteed to make your ring stand out. If you’re planning on getting one for your engagement ring, you should pay attention to this shopping tip: focus on the depth of colour and look for a stone that speaks to you.

Surprising to many, sapphires come in a huge variety of colours. In the past, “true blue” — also known as cornflower blue or royal blue, like the one in Kate’s ring, was the most sought after colour. The recent popularity of bi-colour and Montana Sapphires, which are more teal and have lovely colour variations, have shifted the perceptions of sapphires and opened people up to the beauty, and affordability, of non-traditional colours.

If you’re browsing online, only go to websites that have crisp and clear photos. If you’re shopping in-person, investigate those gems up-close. It’s also a good idea to look for a jeweller with a reputation for using top-quality materials.

You may not have the millions or the connections, but you can still get the look. Every time that you glance down at the ring on your left hand, you’ll feel like an absolute star.