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How to Choose an Engagement Ring That Your Partner Will Love

by Gaga Arizanov

Have you made up your mind and are you about to propose to your beloved? First of all – congratulations! However, you may now have all sorts of questions running through your head that you don’t know how to deal with. Such as what engagement ring you will propose to your chosen one with. These days, the choice is very big, so you definitely don’t have to worry about not finding the right ring. And our guide will help you narrow down the possible options step by step until you get to that one fated ring that your darling one will never want to take off again.

How much to invest in an engagement ring?

You might have heard too that the cost of an engagement ring should be equivalent to one, two or three months’ salary for a man. But this “rule” actually originated in a DeBeers advertising campaign in the 1930s, so you certainly don’t have to stick to it if you don’t want to. Statistics say that most men will choose a ring which is roughly worth two to three weeks’ their earnings. But no matter what limit you set for yourself, the ideal thing to do is to consider your options wisely and then choose the nicest piece of jewelry you can afford.

Your girlfriend’s style and tastes should be the most important factor in your decision

Focus purely on your darling. Take note of what clothes and accessories she wears. Is she a gentle romantic who often chooses delicate jewelry? If so, try looking around for rose gold rings such as those offered by the Prague jewellery shop KLENOTA Is she an active woman who isn’t afraid to be extravagant from time to time? Then she might be enchanted by a gemstone in a distinctive color such as a red ruby or a purple amethyst. For lovers of all things classic on the other hand, we would advise you to go with the tried and tested diamond engagement ring. It has been around for years and it will never go out of fashion.

Choose an engagement ring based on her lifestyle too

When choosing, also consider how active your partner is, what activities she normally does and whether you expect her to wear the ring all the time or to put it away before certain activities. If she’s the sporty type who wouldn’t want to take off her jewelry every time she goes cycling or on a mountain hike, a simple white gold engagement ring with a stone in a bezel setting (i.e. with a metal band around it) will likely appeal to her.

With this type of setting, she doesn’t have to worry about snagging it when on the move and looking after it is also easy. Now if on the other hand the lady in question is someone who likes to go out, she will no doubt appreciate a ring in a modern halo design, that is, with one central stone surrounded by smaller stones around it. This kind of ring will catch the eye of everyone at first glance.

How to find out the right size

Now we come to the task that many will find the most difficult in the whole engagement ring selection process – choosing the right size. If your girlfriend normally wears rings on her ring finger, your job is a little easier, just borrow one of her rings without her noticing. Take it to a jeweler who will find out its size using a ring mandrel. Or if this is not an option, you could measure the inner diameter of the ring and note the measurement down in millimeters.

But if none of this is possible then more creativity will be needed to measure the ring size. You could use string, dental floss or other material that doesn’t stretch to wrap around your girlfriend’s finger, perhaps under some false pretenses or while she’s sleeping.

You could also get a female friend involved who, while out shopping with your partner, could discreetly stop by a jewelry store with her and try on several rings with her while admiring the beautiful jewelry. She could then pass on important information to you about the right size and possibly even the preferred style of ring. But if you’re still unsure even after this, choose a larger size instead and make sure the jeweler or retailer you buy from can exchange or adjust the ring to fit well.


Before you go exploring jewelry stores armed with our advice, we’ll also give you a few tips on what’s worth checking before you make the final purchase. If you buy a diamond ring, any reputable retailer should provide you with a certificate of authenticity issued by a gemological company. These certificates are quite frequently issued for other gemstones too. With them, you don’t have to worry about not getting what you paid for. If in doubt, you can contact the gemological organization that issued the certificate.

Personal taste and style is undoubtedly a subjective thing and choosing the most beautiful engagement ring for your partner will be up to you, but we believe that with our short guide, it will be much easier. Whether you choose to propose over dinner at a fine restaurant, during a romantic stroll through your favorite place, or at an adrenaline-pumping experience like skydiving, we hope everything turns out as you imagined!

Ethical Considerations

As societal awareness grows, so does the demand for ethically sourced jewelry. Today’s consumers want more than just sparkle; they’re seeking conflict-free diamonds and sustainable materials which is something Argyle pink diamonds provide. The tragic stories of “blood diamonds” from war zones have jolted many into recognizing the true cost of glamor. Brands like Tiffany & Co. have made significant strides, pledging transparency and ethical sourcing. These practices resonate with modern values, ensuring love stories begin with a responsible choice.

Customization Options

The one-size-fits-all approach no longer suffices. Couples are gravitating towards creating engagement rings that tell their unique story. Whether it’s an engraving, an unconventional gemstone, or a bespoke design, customization adds depth and personal touch, making the proposal even more memorable.