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5 Ways to Keep Your Hands from Freezing in Cold Weather?

by Rhydian Choi

Winter is coming, and although it is the most romantic season for most people, there is no doubt that the days will become colder and colder every day. Cold weather puts a lot of challenges in front of us, as we need to think about the best way to stay warm and avoid freezing during low temperatures. One of the most exposed parts of our bodies is definitely our hands, and we need to keep them warm, or we can easily face frostbites, which can be really painful. Luckily, there are some tips that can be useful during the winter season, and we will write about them further in the text below.

Choose the right gloves


One of the easiest and most common ways to keep our hands warm is to use gloves during cold weather, but many people are not sure how to choose the best one. When it comes to materials, natural materials are always preferable over synthetic ones, and there is no doubt that wool is the best possible choice. Although cotton seems like an obvious choice, it is better to avoid it, as cotton gloves cannot provide enough protection from wind and freezing temperatures. Another important characteristic is the gloves’ size, and they need to fit perfectly. Too big gloves leave an empty space between the glove and the hand, and since our hands provide warmth, it is very difficult to warm this empty space up and provide enough warmth. On the other side, too small gloves can be really uncomfortable, and it can be pretty challenging to move our hands and do some everyday activities.

Think about mittens


Gloves are the most preferred choice for many people because they provide us with more mobility, but in most cases, choosing mittens will be the better idea. When we look at babies during the winter season, we will notice that almost each of them has mittens instead of gloves, and it is not only because it is much easier to put them on. Mittens are much warmer, and thanks to the changes in the fashion world, they are also extremely popular this season, so we can stay warm and look trendy at the same time.

Rechargeable hand warmers


We can see more and more people carrying small devices in their hands or pockets during cold days, and many of us wonder what they are. Well, these small devices are portable hand warmer, which are becoming more and more popular every day because of many reasons. First of all, they are small enough to carry around in our hands, and they can fit into any pocket. Besides that, they are rechargeable and wireless, so we do not need to worry about cables and extra batteries.

They are easy to use, and most of them warm up in only a few seconds, while long-lasting battery guarantees that we will not freeze even during some long walks. Thanks to their popularity, and a huge offer, it can be difficult to find the best one that fits all your needs, and searching for it can be really time-consuming, but do not worry, as we have a solution.

Chemical warmers

Another popular option when it comes to hand warmers is the chemical ones, and people have been using them for over a decade. They are well-known among outdoor photographers, hikers, and other people who spend a lot of time outside, thanks to their easy usage. Namely, they do not require any external power, as all we need to do is to open the package, and they will keep us warm for up to twelve hours. The only thing they need for their operation is air, which is not difficult to find, but we need to consider buying gloves that are designed for their usage, as some of these warmers are too big and cannot fit into regular gloves. Their price is affordable, and that also makes them one of the best choices for long and cold winter days.

Extra tip for warmers usage


Although it is pretty easy to use them, as we can use them to warm up our hands and feet in only a few seconds, there is an even more effective way to use them. Namely, most people hold them inside the hands or under the feet, and it provides a solid amount of warmth, but if you want to achieve even better results, they should be put on top of your hands or feet. The reason for that is blood circulation, as our blood always circulates on the top, and holding the warmer that way will warm up your hands and feet much faster, which is pretty important during freezing temperatures.

Keep your hands in your pockets

The first sign of frostbite is cold, tingling fingers and red skin, and it is never a good idea to simply neglect it, as it can have serious consequences. Instead of that, you should find a way to warm them up, and if you do not have gloves or any other warmer that can help you, putting them in your pockets can be the fastest way to avoid the unpleasant and painful situation caused by frostbites. Because of that, it is important to search for a jacket with cozy and warm pockets, and the ones with the woolen layer inside of them are probably the best choice one can make.

Final thoughts

As you can see, keeping your hands warm during the winter season is not as difficult as it seems, and there are many ways to do that. Keeping them warm will make you feel much better, as the entire body will be warmer too. Of course, if none of these ways fit you, you can always use the most romantic option and find someone to hold your hands and warm them up.