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Why Electric Skateboard Is A Trend Among Millennials – 2024 Guide

by Tracy Finke

In the middle of a transportation revolution, electric transit appears to be the wave of the future. Electric cars have been around for a while, and electric bikes have grown in popularity in recent years. Still, an electric skateboard is the latest sensation that everyone seems to be talking about. Electric skateboards are a relatively new addition to city streets and just about any other metropolitan setting. For more information visit meepoboard.com. Is it true that electric skateboards are in trend? Keep reading to know more.

What Is An Electric Skateboard?

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As the name implies, an electric skateboard is a sort of electric ride that is comparable to regular skateboards. The primary distinction is that motors propel e-boards. An e-skateboard is usually controlled by a wireless hand throttle remote rather than kicks and pushes to gain speed. The remote controls the speed and brakes on the board and helps individuals manage their experience better.

The battery that drives the motor is placed beneath the e-deck. Skateboard’s electric motors can be installed either beneath the deck (together with the battery) or within the wheels.

  • Celebrities Use Them

Nobody knows for sure who was the first celebrity to be seen riding about on an electric skateboard. Still, we can credit Justin Bieber, Jamie Foxx, Kendal Jenner, Skrillex, and Whiz Khalifa, who were tackled to the ground at LAX airport after refusing to disembark from their electric skateboard.

All these celebrities and more have been posting incredible photos of themselves riding electric skateboards to their Instagram and Twitter accounts, which is one of the reasons we see more and more of this remarkable rideable technology on our streets.

  • They Are Fun

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Skateboards with electric motors are a lot of fun! As Marty McFly did in the Back to the Future movies, an electric skateboard is the next best thing for anyone who wishes to own a hoverboard. Even though you are still on the ground, you have the impression that you are hovering around the area. It is most likely because you do not need to place your feet on the floor at any point when riding.

You may take long journeys without doing much labor because the motor will take care of everything. Rather than concentrating on getting moving, you might focus on maintaining your equilibrium and taking in your surroundings.

Skating is a way of life for some people. Adrenaline junkies are always on the lookout for new methods to get that sensation they seek. Skating has a significant social aspect, and it’s a terrific way to meet new people.

  • They Are Good For Environment

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Electric skateboards are much cooler because they are completely environmentally friendly! They do not pollute the environment or generate smog-like other modes of transportation because they run on rechargeable batteries.

Instead of driving a car, taking your electric skateboard for a spin to get some groceries at your local supermarket is a much better alternative for the environment. Even if you’re feeling sluggish, riding an electric skateboard isn’t tricky. In the long term, you’ll probably save a small fortune on gasoline.

Electric skateboards are one of the most environmentally friendly modes of transportation with an engine, which is one of the main reasons some people believe they could represent the future of urban transportation.

  • Stay Healthy While Having Fun

Skateboarding is beneficial to one’s health. To begin with, riding an electric skateboard increases muscle growth and general strength. You must stay on your feet during the activity, as well as use them to propel the board forward as necessary. When balancing on the board, you also get to utilize your hands more.

Skateboarding can also help your nervous system work better in general. Your neurological system will be called into action more frequently while riding on the board for extended periods of time than if you were to employ other modes of transportation.

  • They Are Fast

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Electric skateboards with the most potent motors may attain speeds of up to 22 miles per hour. It means that, in some instances, they can equal traffic speeds. These devices can get riders quicker and safer over hills and across the flat ground than traditional skateboards.

Users will be able to arrive at their destination on time as a result of this. It is actually possible for electric skateboard riders to plan their journeys more precisely. Electric variations are equipped with speed controls to ensure that riders maintain control even at higher speeds.

Users can utilize these controls to accelerate up a slope or slow down their descent if necessary. With an electric skateboard, you no longer have to watch as your board rushes down a hill, never to be seen again. Most electric skateboards have an integrated alert to notify users when they reach top speeds for safety reasons.

  • They Save Money

Electric skateboards are significantly less expensive than conventional modes of urban transportation. Whether you purchase a fully assembled electric skateboard or build your own, you will find that it is considerably less costly than buying a moped or motorcycle.

Anyone who owns a car can attest to the high expense of gasoline. All you have to do with an electric skateboard is charge the battery pack, and you’re ready to go! A majority of electric skateboarders keep an extra battery pack on hand as a backup.


img source: unsplash.com

Electric skateboards have two functions. Even with their high-tech motorized drive systems, they can be used just like traditional skateboards. Users may quickly turn off the motorized drive mechanism and utilize the skateboard for tricks at the skating rink, then turn it back on for a smooth ride home. Owning an electric skateboard, on the other hand, allows you to enjoy the best of both worlds.

Electric skateboards are a convenient means of transportation. They can be used to get around town or on campus, where short-distance travel is the norm. If you want to take advantage of the benefits described above, purchase your own electric skateboard, either DIY or readymade.