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Can Teddy Bear Help With Anxiety? – 2024 Guide

by Tracy Finke

Teddy bears do help people overcome anxiety. There is something so reassuring about having a fluffy, cuddly teddy bear with you when you feel low due to stress and anxiety. Not only does it give you a fluffy partner to cuddle with, but it also provides the reassurance of having a companion you can confide in.

If you are skeptical about how a teddy bear can help you with your anxiety, you have come across the right article to help you overcome your doubts. In this article, we will highlight all the ways how a simple stuffed animal like a teddy bear can help with your anxiety.

Common symptoms of anxiety:

  •  Excess worrying

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Thinking too much and worrying is the most common type of anxiety issue. People having this issue tend to think more than usual. This phase could last for a week or month if not taken proper rest.

  •  Difficulty in concentrating

When your mind is full of stress and scary thoughts, it is very obvious to have issues concentrating while working daily. It might result in failing to remember things or important tasks etc.

  •  Trouble in sleeping and nervousness

If your mind is boggling you with a myriad of thoughts, you might face insomnia, nightmares, tremors, etc., while sleeping. In addition, it disturbs your sleep patterns in the long run.

  •  Hot flashes and perspiration

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When you’re pondering, your sweat glands secret more, and you can end up sweating a lot. It happens when the brain reaches a stage of critical anxiety and overthinking.

Above mentioned are the common symptoms seen in the person who deals with severe anxiety, loneliness, trauma, abuse, etc., which could have grave consequences in future. Having a companion in these tough times may alleviate the repercussions and offer a natural way to deal with these vulnerable situations.

How Does Teddy Bear Help With Anxiety?

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Teddy bears are wonderful friends – you can cuddle with them and talk to them about your stress and anxiety, something that is bothering you, yet you cannot confide in your close ones. Being inanimate objects, they are often better than living beings as they will sit patiently and listen to you talk it out. Talking about your problems out loud often helps people overcome the stress and anxiety of any situation and even helps them come across any solution that they might not have thought of before.

For several years now, therapists and doctors have asked their patients to buy a teddy bear to help overcome fear, grief, stress, or anxiety. In addition, many kids with autism and ADHD have also been given teddy bears to act as sensory stimulation. This is mainly because a teddy bear can give you a sense of having someone close when you feel alone and scared. You can easily get a teddy bear for yourself by clicking on the page.

In times of pandemic when people get detached from loved ones and feel the depression of being alone and helpless creeping in, having a teddy bear can help you soothe these negative feelings. As people start isolating themselves when these negative feelings burden them, having a cuddly friend can help you regain their peace of mind. This is because this isolation increases cortisol production, inducing stress. Touching, holding, or cuddling a teddy bear can make you happier and healthier during these moments. It gives you the feeling of touching a loved one when you need the comfort and warmth of a dear one to overcome your anxiety.

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Also, according to recent studies, teddy bears can help you overcome your sense of low self-esteem and worthlessness. When the force of anxiety gets too much to bear, people often exhibit suicidal tendencies. People tend to label their life as meaningless, thus struggling with their will to live. Therapists have concluded that hugging or cuddling a teddy bear during these dark times help people overcome their negativity and feel better about themselves.

Lastly, teddy bears are excellent companions to sleep with. The comfort of having a teddy bear beside you when you sleep can help you calm down enough to sleep comfortably at night. Having a fluffy teddy bear to cuddle with when you sleep will reassure you of having someone close to you when you feel low or alone amidst your problems.

If you feel like getting a teddy bear to help you overcome your negative feelings, click on the page to find the cutest, most adorable teddy bears to give you warmth and assurance when you feel low.

How to pick a teddy bear?

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So, now that we have unveiled all about how these furry bears help pacify your mind and reduce stress and anxiety, you must be wondering how to pick the right teddy bear for your loved one or yourself!

Let us look into some factors that should be considered while getting a teddy bear –

  • If you are buying it for your infant, the best choice might be a jointed teddy bear, as the chances of it falling apart is less even if your kid pulls it! So, lessen the risk of harm to your tot.
  • Getting your kid any toy might be hazardous if it risks choking or swallowing any piece of it. Ensure that eyes and nose are sewn into the cloth and not just glued so that it comes out while playing.
  • You buy a teddy for its most lovable quality, and that’s cuddleability. So make sure that the stuffed pal is big and soft enough to hug and cuddle. Also, the quality of cloth and fur used should be gentle so you don’t rub yourself against hard furs.
  • Decide the size of the teddy you want to get. If you’re buying a giant one, make sure it’s easily moveable and feasible to keep it close with you when you need it.


Thus we can conclude that a teddy bear has the potential to help you through the toughest of days when you feel your stress and anxiety are overpowering you. We hope this article helped you understand the power a simple teddy bear has to help us walk through the darkest moments.