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Ed Sheeran Cuts Back on His Addiction After Becoming a Father

by Nebojša Vujinović

Becoming a father is a big deal n every man’s life. The situation is the same for Ed Sheeran. After he became a dad to a baby girl named Lyra, the famous singer started drinking less. His life changed drastically due to his 10-month old daughter, who she conceived with his wife Cherry Seaborn.

It wasn’t easy for Ed, but after becoming a father he decided to open up about his addiction issues. Things got easier in this department for Perfect singer after his daughter Lyra Antarctica Seaborn Sheeran was born. Talking about it, Sheeran said: “I have been a dad to a wonderful baby girl for 10 months now and it is fantastic. The biggest discovery is that nobody knows what they are doing when they first have a kid. I read all the dad books and learning and as soon as it comes everything goes out the window and it is just all about feeling and experience.”

Source: mirror.co.uk

Fathering a child left a great impression on the once-troubled singer, and he’s getting his priorities right. The things he once took for granted or didn’t believe are now a part of his life. Talking about the emotions he felt for the first time, Sheeran said: “I got told for ages that as soon as they are born you feel a better love and with my head, I was like “Does this mean I am going to love her more than my wife? Is it going to be like above that?” But as soon as she was born it opened a different kind of love. It opened up a different portal in you where you have got this eternal connection to something and eternal worry.”

The entire situation is taking the best out of the singer, as he’s getting his career back on track. It’s not like he was stalling or anything, it’s just it was a long time since he released a single without collaborating with another artist. Now, he changed this, after his single Bad Habits was released. This song is going t get its first live performance in a matter of hours, as he’s scheduled to sing it at Portman Road for TikTok’s UEFA Euro 2024 show. Interestingly, Ipswich Town, who plays home games at Portman Road is Sheeran’s favorite team.

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While his qualities as an artist were never in doubt, he did go sideways with his bad habits. But the Galway Girl singer knew things needed to change with the birth of his daughter. Talking about this, Ed said: “I kind of like battled with addiction for the large part of my 20s and always I never wanted to be the guy that had a problem but I kind of knew that I did. I never had an excuse to properly stop. I would stop for like a month and then slip back into things. I would stop for like a week and then slip back into things.”

It wasn’t an easy situation to be in, but Sheeran had the luxury to continue due to his flourishing career. But, as time moved on, and he became a family man, the time was right for a change. The singer understood this and added:” It wasn’t until knowing that I was going to be a dad and knowing I had to be a supportive husband that it was like “Right. I am done.” It is when you grow up and have responsibilities…..now here I am being a responsible adult drinking water.”

It is an example many of us could try and follow. It is not an easy task to say not to a long-lasting addiction, but it can be done. For one, it is easier to do it, when you have more important things on your mind. For Ed, it was his daughter, Lyra, and for the rest of us, it could be something else. The important thing is to make an effort, and push it through, one way or another.