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Donald Trump’s Latest Move Could Get Him Reelected

by Sinisav

CNN – 05/16/2020: Donald Trump has two things on his mind: Reopening of America and getting reelected. If we look at what’s he doing right now, both things could be on the table.

POTUS completely disregards the medical advice on reopening the states. The US is the country with most infected people and most deaths in the world. At the moment, there are 1.5 million infected people, and almost 85 thousand died due to COVID-19. But, people want their freedom, and Trump aims to give it to them.

Donald Trump

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This stance by the President, to reopen at any price, sits well with the majority of his voters, and even with many neutrals. Let’s not kid ourselves; even the Dems want out. By doing this, President Trump appeals to those who are out of jobs and locked due to COVID-19. Those who died and will die are not in his focus.

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Talking about the matter, Donald Trump said this: “Will some people be affected badly? Yes. We have to get our country open, and we have to get it open soon.” Adding to President’s sentiment, his economic adviser, Peter Navarro, said the following: “If we don’t open this economy back up, we’re not going to have an economy.”

Trump didn’t shy from stating that despite many lives that will undoubtedly be lost after reopening, the economy can’t wait. While people are eager to returning to work and earning their wages, Trump has something else on his mind. POTUS wants the economy back as a strong economy is what can give him another term in the Oval Office.

And that’s all Donald Trump cares for, coronavirus or no coronavirus.

Source: cnn.com