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Donald Trump’s “Game Changing” Medicine Proved Ineffective!

by Sinisav

SKY NEWS – 04/22/2020: Donald Trump is wrong, once again. The coronavirus cure that POTUS promoted called hydroxychloroquine, has no actual benefits for coronavirus patients.

What comes even worse, it’s not that it doesn’t help people infected with COVID-19; it could also harm them. Hydroxychloroquine was hailed by Mr. Trump as a “game-changer,” after the stories started to appear that claimed that it helps in coronavirus treatment. This medicine is used to treat diseases such as lupus and rheumatoid arthritis.

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According to the latest study, this medicine could do more harm than good to coronavirus patients. One American research analyzed the results of 368 male patients who had COVID-19. All of the either died from this disease or were discharged before April 11th.

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Out of 97 patients who were under standard care and were administered hydroxychloroquine 28% of them died. Among 113 of them who received hydroxychloroquine and antibiotics, 22% died. The remaining 158 received only standard care, and only 11% of them died according to the named study.

This study is currently under the expert review as it awaits permission to be published in a medical journal. In addition to received treatment, it also took the patient’s characteristics into account.

According to pulmonary specialist Dr. Jeremy Falk of Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles, this is only one of another few studies that go to prove that hydroxychloroquine has no actual effect in treating COVID-19.

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Talking about this, Dr. Falk said: “We were using it on just about everybody early on. Now we are using it more sparingly.” Hydroxychloroquine is an old malaria medicine, which got into the focus of the US public after Donald Trump promoted it.

Without an ounce of medical knowledge, POTUS said to the coronavirus patients: “What do you have to lose? Take it.” On the other side, we have Dr. Anthony Fauci, who urged people to be cautious regarding hydroxychloroquine.

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