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Donald Trump Can’t Stop Talking About Nancy Pelosi

by Sinisav

CNN – 12/27/2019: The entire nation is celebrating holidays, but not President Donald Trump. He has more important things to do. As it’s the case recently, he’s still obsessed with Nancy Pelosi. The impeachment drama is again running with no end in sight.

With every passing day, Mr. President seems angrier and angrier. The impeachment trial will be held after the New Year. The expectation of upcoming voting is putting the pressure on senators, and POTUS is only adding oil to the fire.

Donald Trump

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President Trump is spending holidays at his Mar-a-Lago resort. While there are guests during all parts of the day, Donald Trump still manages to find time for Twitter. His fury grows with each day, and he can’t stop talking about Nancy Pelosi. The anger was provoked by the senator who led his impeachment a week ago.

In his most recent tweet, Mr. President claims that the district ran by Pelosi is one of the worst in the United States. According to Trump, it is slowly becoming home to homeless people and criminals. President believes that she has lost control over the district because her governor is also incompetent.

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President’s hate for the senator Pelosi comes from the impeachment. He claims that there was no wrongdoing on his behalf and that there even shouldn’t be one. She, on the other hand, wants voting to happen. She also was the one who wanted to know about GOP plans for his trial before sending articles of impeachment to the Senate.

Democrats sent the articles of impeachment last week. They claim that there was an abuse of power by the President in dealings with Ukraine. Also, they claim that the President was also obstructing Congress.

The way things stand now, Nancy Pelosi is one of those who managed to have upper hand over Donald Trump. This is what explains his dissatisfaction with her. It resulted in President keeping his Tweeter account active at all times.

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