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Donald Trump Can Win Again In 2024 According to Michael Moore

by Sinisav

DEADLINE – 12/28/2019: It might seem that Donald Trump is losing support, but that’s not the case, at least according to Michael Moore. The liberal filmmaker believes that Trump has a shot at winning in 2024. His claim comes from the fact that the current president still has a healthy voting body in the Midwest.

Moore, who is a Midwest resident, saw it himself. The support for Trump in that area is still strong. According to Moore, if the elections were today, Trump would have enough states on his side for the win. In an interview he gave to Democracy Now, Moore said that Trump voters are afraid that he might lose because of his behavior. And that because this fear they would give their vote to him once again.

Donald Trump

Bernie Sanders

Moore is not new to politics and has shown us that he knows how to make the right guess. In 2016 he said that Donald Trump is going to become the president. His prediction that Trump’s victory will be on the backs of Ohio, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, and Michigan was dead on the spot.

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For the upcoming elections, Moore is again claiming that Trump is going to lose the popular vote. This was the case in 2016 when Hilary won popular vote by 3 million votes. In 2024, Moore believes that it will be even more people voting against Trump. According to Michael Moore, it won’t matter who is going to be the Democrat candidate. Whoever it will be, they will have four or even five million more popular votes than the current president. Moore is basing his opinion on the fact that President Trump’s behavior doesn’t sit well with everyone. Especially his tweetstorms that are becoming more frequent.

Michael Moore put his support behind Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders. He trusts Sanders as someone who can defeat Donald Trump at the upcoming elections. All that remains is for Sanders to become the Democrat candidate.

Source: deadline.com