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Is President Donald Trump Building a Galactic Empire?

by Sinisav

THE GUARDIAN – 05/07/2020: Donald Trump is in the midst of the 2024 reelection campaign. People who surround him are doing their best to keep him in the Oval Office, and they are prepared to use crazy metaphors to do so. Trump’s campaign manager compared his campaign to a weapon of mass destruction from the popular movie franchise.

Talking about Trump’s ongoing campaign, his campaign manager Brad Parscale, made an interesting comment on Twitter. Parscale stated that Trump’s 2024 campaign is so strong that they’ve built a Death Star. If you recall, Death Star is a weapon of mass destruction in the Star Wars universe capable of demolishing planets in one go.

Donald Trump

Source: vocal.media

Parscale wrote: “For nearly three years we have been building a juggernaut campaign (Death Star). It is firing on all cylinders. Data, Digital, TV, Political, Surrogates, Coalitions, etc.”

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The warning, that as Star Wars fans terrify us, came in the end when Trump’s campaign manager said: “In a few days we start pressing FIRE for the first time.”

We are sure that Donald Trump and his staff are working hard on his campaign, but this comparison is a bit out of line. To add a comic note to his tweet, Brad Parscale included a GIF of the Death Star.

In a tweet that followed, Trump’s campaign manager reflected on Joe Biden, the adversary in the upcoming elections. Or, if we are free to say, the leader of the Rebel Alliance. Parscale wrote: We’ve spent the last 3 1/2 years building @realDonaldTrump’s campaign into the biggest, baddest juggernaut ever. Plus we’ve got POTUS, and they’ve got Sleepy Joe. He won’t know what hit him.”

Source: theguardian.com