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DJ Khaled Suffers Embarrassment During A Live Instagram Video

by Nebojša Vujinović

Widely popular DJ, record executive, songwriter, and record producer DJ Khaled, 44, had the misfortune of meeting a naughty fan during a live video on his Instagram page.

DJ Khaled is very famous in the music industries for bringing various celebrities from all areas of entertainment and producing stunning music videos that generate billions of views. In addition, he is a celebrity in his own right thanks to his iconic and unique demeanor and presence.

Source: Instagram.com

During an Instagram live video with his fans, the music star had a very unpleasant surprise from one female fan. A girl in skimpy clothes crashed his video and started booty dancing, shaking and twerking all around the place with thousands of fans watching. Khaled was visibly shocked and he did not seem to enjoy it one bit.

As soon as the girl’s booty appeared on his screen, he told her to stop. He started saying, “Oh, no, no, no!” and even said, “I have a family, I got love!” Khaled even covered his eyes and told the girl to talk to him normally. But then, she started sipping water over her barely-there pink booty shorts! “Don’t do that don’t do that!”, screamed the DJ. Before he turned off the video, he said, “No, I can’t, I can’t!”

Source: Instagram.com

As a family man, Khaled mentioned his wife, children, and love, saying that was not appropriate. Obviously, he did not feel comfortable with the racy bombshell showing off her curves live on his video. However, similarly skimpy dressed ladies usually appear in all of his music videos so one has to wonder why he thinks that is okay and this is not?

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