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DIY: A Sunglasses Stand

by William Gist

Even though summer has almost ended, we will still need our sunglasses for activities such as sightseeing, driving to your favorite cafe, or going to the beach for an afternoon swim. No matter what occasion, the Sun will be shining and your eyes will need protection. However, finding your sunglasses is entirely a different story.

In this article, you will be able to learn how to make a sunglasses holder that will help you keep track of all your sunglasses. Let’s take a look at the steps:

Step 01: Gather your supplies


You will need:

1. Xyron creative light station and permanent refills
2. Three wooden slabs
3. One ½ inch Rods
4. Three Dowel Rod Caps
5. Scrapbook paper that you like
6. The paint of your choosing
7. A foam brush
8. A hot glue gun and glue sticks
9. Jump rings
10. Scissors
11. Pliers
12. Chain
13. Awl

Step 02: Paint!


The second steps you should take is to paint the dowel rods, wooden slabs, and the rod caps. Once you paint everything, you should leave it and let it dry.

Step 03: Measure the paper

Then, you should take the wooden slab and lay it on top of the scrapbook paper that you chose. Trace around the slab and cut out the paper. You will need to repeat these steps two more times.

Step 04: Paper!


Take the scrapbook pieces and run them through the Xyron Creative Lite Station. Once you have run it through the machine, simply rub the top of the paper and peel off the backing. Next, add it to the wooden slab.

Step 05: Poking holes and measuring chains


Take your awl and poke holes at the bottom and top of two wooden slabs. The third one should only have holes at the top. Then, you should take the jump rings and attack each ring through each hole. Grab the chain you purchased and measure out a 2-inch piece.

You will have to do it three more times, hence, you will have 4 pieces of chain at the end of this step. Once you have finished, open up each ring, slide the chain on and then close the jump rings. According to the experts from Bright Stuffs, the last, longer piece of the chain should be around 8 inches. Attach it to the top of the slab and by doing this, you will have a way to hang the sunglasses holder.

Step 06: Glue


Take your glue gun and glue the rods in the middle of each slab. Apply some more hot glue on the top of the dowel rods and slide on the dowel caps. Once everything has been glued together, you are done!



This sunglasses stand would look perfect next to a mirror in your hallway, hence, you will be able to grab your favorite pair of sunglasses when you are leaving your home. Also, this stand is perfect for keeping the old sunglasses that you do not wear anymore, but still do not have the heart to throw or give away. This stand can be customized, so while someone might choose pink scrapbook paper, you can also choose red, as well as customize anything else that you want.