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Working and Some Technical Details of Radio PTP Technology and Devices

by Ingeborg

Radio PTP technology refers to Radio Point-to-Point technology. You might we wondering that what actually radio PTP is? The answer is radio PTP is nothing but a part of telecommunication and networking.

The only difference between PTMP (Point to Multipoint) form of communications and PTP form of communication is, in case of PTMP, multiple receivers can receive a signal from the signal transistor, and in case of radio PTP, there is a communication between single pair of transmitter and receiver.

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How Networking is Possible using Point-to-Point Topology

  • Basic connectivity is provided by repeater hubs and switches in case of local networks. For the PTMP circuit, a hub is used to connect all the nodes in a single bandwidth.
  • In the case of radio PTP, switches are used that provides PTP circuit in series by means of micro-segmentation. This is advantageous in nature because it allows the client to have a fully dedicated circuit and obtains a full-duplex connection.
  • It is also possible to get a radio PTP connection by the use of the OSI (Open System Interconnections) model. Using the OSI model, both the switches and hubs can be used to form a radio PTP. Physical layers of radio PTP connections are formed using the Open System Interconnection (OSI) model.
  • If you are using Data Link Layer or layer 2 (Second Layer of Seven – Layer OSI model), then it is not possible to form a PTP circuit using hubs and switches.
  • If you use Data Link Layer instead of a single OSI model, you will obtain a radio PTMP circuit, where every frame will be transmitted to any point.
  • If you are using a switch, it actually provides a virtual layer of radio PTP where only one transmitting frame is directed towards a specific node.
  • Just take an example of a telephone; it is nothing but a switched communication system. You might have heard of intercom, where communication between two is only possible. Here you dial a single number. The phone will ring to a specific lobby of the flat or specific room of an office.
  • It is beneficial if you use a switched connection because you can drop the connection anytime when you desire. Just as an example suppose you have taken a television set in rent for the specific function and after the function is over, you can return the television set to the studio.

Some Technical details of Radio PTP Device


  • A reliable link is obtained in a radio PTP device. Here you will get a unique field-proven air interface that ensures reliable operation in the noisy spectrum.
  • It has a capacity of 50Mbps to 250Mbps. You can opt-out for any model according to your need.
  • You will also get unparallel switching power. You can obtain up to 360000 packets per second.
  • The facility of TDD synchronization i.e., it supports the installation of multiple radios and avoids self-interference.

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