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Discover the best Beaches in south of Crete

by Edvard Berlusconi

In Greece, Crete is the biggest island with hundreds of beautiful beaches that you can visit and have a fun experience. This island is located between the Libyan sea and the Aegean Sea which makes it ideal for beach lovers. It is also one of the most popular islands during summer because of its supportive climate, security, gorgeous traditional lifestyle and the serene nature.

The largest island of Crete is famous for its beautiful beaches that attract thousands of visitors every year. Small or large, all the beaches in and around Crete are wonderful places that you and your loved ones can spend a whole day under the sun.

Below are some of the best beaches in south of Crete. Each of them has something to offer and hence your limited time in Crete should be utilized perfectly.

Elafonissi Beach

Img source: flightnetwork.com

The word Elafonissi means the island of deeper ends. This is a perfect beach located on the southwestern side of Crete. The beach features exotic crystal waters with soft white and pink sand that you can spend a whole day touching, feeling and playing with. It is a perfect place that you can visit with family and friends without any worries. The beach also features some cedar trees which reaches the coast line offering a perfect view of nature. This is a place that you shouldn’t miss at all costs.

Preveli Beach

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This is another fantastic beach on the south of Crete where you can spend a couple of afternoon hours this summer. It is a place of great place where you can busk and enjoy your time under the sun with ease. The good thing about this beach is that it’s a direct place where a river flows into the sea, which passes through many palm trees to form a lake close to the sea.

Rodakino Beach

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This beach is also located on the southern end of Rethymno. It also serves as the nearest area to the tourist village of Plakias. This beach is known as the largest sandy beach of Rodakino. With very many activities to undertake here and a couple more tourist attractions near the beach, you should make sure you have rented a car to get access to all of them and the surrounding area with ease. Check the Rental Center Crete for the best and the cheapest car rental deals in Crete.

Matala Beach

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This beach hosts a tiny beach town known as Matala on the southern side of Crete. It may just take you 3 hours to drive here from the more popular resort side of the island. As you are driving along, you will pass through some beautiful forests and mountains, past wine country and the historic site of Phasistos. Now you should park your car and leave for a more extended experience at the beach.

The small town of Matala also features some good looking shopping malls where you can visit to shop for one or two things to take home with you.