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Development Of Graphics To Unprecedented Heights – 2024 Guide

by Victoria Boatright

The excitement has hardly dissipated from news about the release of next-gen Xbox Series X and PlayStation 5 consoles and we already have even more developments. Nvidia’s release of the specs for its 30 series GeForce cards seems to hint at momentous leaps in graphics capabilities.

The new lineup is consists of 3 GPUs:
RTX 3090
RTX 3080
RTX 3070

Priced in that order at $1499, $699, and $499, the series offers something for every budget. The first two will be available mid- to late-September while the most economical option will be released sometime in October.

Precision Graphics

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Featuring Nvidia’s Ampere architecture and 2nd generation ray-tracing cores, the GeForce 30 series is primed to be a revolution not just in gaming but in the world of computer graphics.

Buoyed by 8GB of DDR6 RAM for the cheapest model and 24GB in the most advanced one, these chips bring massive rendering power to your fingertips. The top-end SLI-ready 3090 comes with 10,496 Nvidia CUDA cores. SLI is a scalable link interface, which allows you to link multiple Nvidia GPUs together.

With this release, it is clear that single slot GPUs are a relic of the past. Both lower-priced units come in a 2-slot format while the 3090 requires 3 slots. With its larger dimensions, it has a 384-bit memory interface width and 350W of graphics power. Nvidia recommends a 750W system to complement this but a 650W suffices for its smaller siblings. Also, the NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3080 was tested in a number of modern games.

These specifications point to a significant increase in the realism associated with online games at very affordable prices. It is a boon for both FPS enthusiasts and MMORPG fans. In the case of the latter, the massive savings in price can translate into great Battle for Azeroth gear at wowcarry.сom. This is a great opportunity to get all the achievements of current content before the release of a new patch because after the release of Shadowlands will not be able to get some of them.

Also, the savings will give the opportunity to take care of closing the high keys.
With the release of the new addition will open a new Fighting Guild. It is not yet known exactly, but it is assumed that the achievements of the Battle Guild will be moved to the heritage tab, and new achievements will be added to the pre-patcher.

As you can see, however, a double increase is probably some isolated cases. Basically, in Quake 2 RTX it is almost the same. However, in other games, RTX 3080 is ahead of RTX 2080 on average by 75-85%. In any case, this is a lot if you think about the price.

If you follow our tests and estimate the difference between RTX 2080 and RTX 2080 Ti, it turns out that RTX 3080 is 50% faster than the latter. Recall that the reference RTX 2080 Ti initially started with 1200 dollars, and RTX 3080 will start with 700 dollars, and non-reference models can be cheaper. Of course, the novelty has less memory, but it is unlikely that now there is a game that will give preference to RTX 2080 Ti because of the additional 1 GB of memory. In addition, we’re likely to have the RTX 3080 Ti waiting for us later, which is likely to be equipped with 20 or 24 GB of memory.

Accelerated Performance

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Accompanying the increased detail is a blistering pace set by what the company has proclaimed to be the “world’s fastest graphics memory” in the RTX 3080. It boasts an astounding 760GB per second of processing power with its GDDR6X VRAM.
A natural concern at such speeds would be heat management. All three GPUs are rated to perform at up to 93°C, assisted by a thermal-optimized architecture that is 30% more efficient and allows up to 55% more airflow while remaining three times quieter.

In a launch stream, Nvidia demonstrated the efficiency of its Ampere Streaming Multiprocessor (SM) configuration. The GeForce 20 series was limited to a single data path but Ampere has a dual path, which potentially doubles the computational speed of the unit.

The implications for imaging improvements in terms of ray tracing and related digital processes are truly significant.
So far it seems that the RTX 3080 can really interest the miners, however, without taking into account the impressive power consumption. With this aspect taken into account, everything already depends on the electricity price in a particular region.
In any case, there’s no need to panic yet, but the maintainers can obviously make a big difference in the availability and prices of the RTX 3080 at the beginning of sales.


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While such a huge improvement over their predecessor, the RTX 2080 Ti would normally be a good thing for the 30 series, not everyone is happy. The 2080 Ti was promised as a long-term GPU that owners would not need to replace for many years… and it came with a correspondingly high price tag of $599 in 2018.

Now, even the budget $499 RTX 3070 is promising far greater resolution and resource management for a fraction of the price. Gamers who splurged a few months ago on 2080 are up in arms.

However, there may be more tears on the cards after the launch. Rumors abound that there will be a very low volume release at the September debut. This could be the result of Nvidia sending feelers out for demand or a glitch in the supply chain – we cannot be sure at the moment.

What we do know is that there is a tidal wave of anticipation for what promises to be a game-changing play by Nvidia.
In general, we can already say that Nvidia has given gamers and miners a gift in the form of RTX 3070 and RTX 3080. And on this background, it will be very interesting to look at the new AMD cards, because it will be obviously not easy to compete with Ampere novelties.