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Designing Tips For The Trade Show Booth 2024

by Jajce d Muckic

When preparing for a trade show, you want to plan as much as you can in advance to ensure that everything goes as smooth as possible. This doesn’t only include the exhibition of your merchandise, the presentation of your company, gifts for visitors, etc. but also the design of your booth. This is of the utmost importance because you have to attract people to your booth, and this is the topic we are going to focus on in the following text.


Let’s start with something basic – incorporating the colors and logo of your brand. You want your booth to be visible from the far end of the area so you should get a trade show wall. Nowadays, you can create one according to your liking and there are numerous companies like www.strikenow.com that can make your design come to life. Obviously, it should include the logo and colors of your business, but you should also add some promotional photographs.

Since this wall will take up the largest part of your booth, you have to ensure that those photos are of great quality. Yes, the latest smartphones can take excellent pictures, but they still might look blurry on this canvas which is why you should hire a professional photographer if you cannot do this on your own. Not only are low-quality photos unappealing but they are also unprofessional, so think about it.


Furthermore, you want to stand out. If you possess information about the appearance of the entire place, you should go with bold colors that will be easy to spot. On the other hand, if this is not an option for you, you should make your booth interactive. People love to try and engage in new stuff and the best way to draw them to you is to offer them a chance to participate in some sort of game show and win a prize.

Even though you don’t want your booth to appear empty, cluttering it with unnecessary furniture is even worse. Understanding the benefits of available space is important. You want the people to feel comfortable while listening to your presentation or inquiring about the products, and they will not feel that way if there is no room for them to stand and move freely. Being surrounded by the crowd of people in a tight space will cause them to lose both their patience and interests thus they will not stay for long.

What’s more, be playful. These trade shows tend to get boring and repetitive, and you don’t want the visitors to pass by you without noticing the booth because it is the same as all the others. The best way for you to be distinctive is to include something unusual.


Give your potential clients a chance to be amused. As already mentioned they can play some games or interact with your products in a new way. You can do whatever you want just make sure that all the people are surprised by what you are offering. This way, not only will you attract more visitors, but they will surely remember your booth after the trade show is finished.

To sum up, these are some designing tips you should consider and use when planning your next trade show exhibition. As you can see, there are many things that you can do to grab people’s attention and still appear serious and professional.