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What Inventors Need To Know About Trade Shows?

by William Gist

Have you invented something that will be widely used and many people will benefit from? That is great! If you have patented it, made a prototype, dealt with all the documentation, now it is the time to find investors, someone who will help you get that product near the customer’s reach. In the following text, we are going to give you some basic information about trade shows.


Firstly, let’s discuss why you should attend these events? Here you are going to have the opportunity to connect with thousands of people. Yes, you can make phone calls and write emails, but nothing beats face-to-face communication. Some of these trade shows are visited by a couple of thousands of people and you will be able to tell them everything about your vision and product. Also, numerous other events are organized such as cocktail parties where you will meet dozens of investors and have the opportunity to connect with them.


Secondly, many journalists often come to these events meaning that you might be able to present your product to the media. If you get some media exposure, you will improve your chances of finding a successful investor. In addition, you may get inspired when it comes to promoting your invention. You will encounter many different people who are there to exhibit their product so maybe you will come up with a better marketing strategy. Lastly, since many trade shows have their official hashtag you can use it to make contact with more people via social media platforms. Posting photos, videos or your thoughts about a specific event will improve your chances of reaching those businesses that were not able to attend that event.

If this is the first time that you are taking your product to a trade show, then you will probably need some help. If you know nothing about this aspect of the business, you will need a professional like InventHelp in your corner – you can go to techtimes.com if you want to see more. They will guide you each step of the way and provide you help and advice when needed.


When it comes to choosing which exhibit to make an appearance at, there are some things that have to be considered. You have to know who your target audience is. If you have not thought carefully about them, it will be almost impossible to create a successful marketing plan. And since thousands of people show up at these events you have to know who you want to attract to your stand.

What’s more, participation fees can be quiet expensive, so you have to set the budget. If you have a budget prepared in advance, you will avoid many problems that can arise. Finally, be smart when choosing the space for your booth. Ask yourself – whether you want to be the first one the visitors see, as soon as they arrive, or you want them to first encounter your competitor? Is it a good idea to be near your competitor? Where are the leading companies positioned? It is a good idea to go to the event one day prior to your exhibit and see where the others are located. This will help you think of the best position for your stand.


All in all, these are some basic things every inventor should know before their first visit to a trade show. As you can see, since there are many things that can affect the success of your exhibit, it is for the best to start planning it weeks if not months in advance.