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4 Legal Tips For Dealing With Domestic Violence

by Tracy Finke

Domestic violence is used to describe the actions of a person in an intimate relationship in which one person dominates and uses abusive behavior with the other. In most of the cases, women are the victims of domestic violence. Men also suffer from it but not as much as women according to various studies.

If you have even been through such a situation, you should know that it is not right and you have to stand against it.

In this article, we have shared some tips that can help you deal with domestic violence. But before we jump into that, we would like to share more information related to it.

Types of domestic violence

  • Emotional abuse:

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When a person destroys the self-worth of the other person, it is termed as emotional abuse. It is mainly bought by criticism, humiliation, and insult. It is very common among unhealthy relationships and many people do not understand the depth of this abuse in the initial stages. It is even more damaging than the physical abuse because the wounds on your body can heal with time but when an individual’s self esteem gets hurt, it can never be forgotten and lasts forever.

  • Physical abuse:

Whenever people hear the term domestic violence, the first thing that comes to their mind is physical abuse. This type of abuse can be easily recognized.

When a person uses force and causes injury to the other person, it is termed as physical abuse. Such forces include slapping, kicking, stabbing, choking, and shooting. It mostly occurs when an individual wants to get full control in the relationship. Suppose if someone slaps you and even if the injuries are minor, it would become the case of physical abuse only.

You have to be careful and stand up against such violence because sometimes the injuries can even lead to death. According to research, in every five days, a person gets killed in an intimate relationship in Virginia.

  • Sexual abuse:

Another common type of domestic violence is sexual abuse. It not only involves raping or sexual assaults but also disrespectful behavior and unwelcoming or unwanted touching. The worst part about this abuse is that many victims find it very hard to recognize. This type of abuse is also meant to establish control over the relationship and dominate the victim. Even if your partner forces you to not use contraception, it also comes under the category of sexual abuse. For more legal advice service, check this website at https://abuseguardian.com/.

  • Financial abuse:

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Many people might have not heard about this type of domestic violence. If a husband forces his wife to not do a job or refrain her from education, then it comes under the category of financial abuse. Many victims are not able to recognize this abuse until it’s too late. When there is no financial support from the family and only one partner controls the money present in the joint accounts, then it is known as financial abuse.

Tips to deal with domestics violence

Whenever a person goes through such hard times in their life, they need support. But before that they have to recognize the violence that is happening with them and take a stand against it. Here are some tips that can help you deal with domestic violence:

1. Try to recognize the abuse

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In most cases, the abusers abuse their partners before they want to establish control over the relationship and victim. No matter what is the reason behind the abuse, it can never be justified. Many abusers will tell you that they are abusing you because of your behavior but this is not true.

It is very essential for the victim to identify if she/he is involved in an abusive relationship. They can only take further actions once they are sure that they are being assaulted or tortured by their partners intentionally to dominate them.

2. Consult a professional lawyer

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Once you have recognized the type of violence you have been facing, it is time to take some professional help. However, if you choose to give your relationship a second chance, then we suggest you discuss the matter with your friends and family. But even after this, if there is no improvement, you should take some expert advice. Consult a lawyer and discuss your condition. An experienced lawyer will guide you through the whole procedure for getting justice. Click here to find the best lawyer to handle your domestic violence case.

3. Keep details of every abuse you experience

Keeping the details of every domestic violence incident you experience can be very beneficial for you especially when you finally decide to stand up against the violence and fight to get yourself justice. Such evidence can help you to seek damages or custody from the abuser. Try to record the dates, timing, and the location of the incidence. Also, mention what type of violence you experienced.

4. Be ready with a safety plan

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A victim must always have a safety plan ready if she/he has to suffer from domestic violence often. The safety plan will help you in getting out of that violent situation. If you have little kids and pets at your home, then you must also prepare a safety plan for them so that they can be safe when some violent episode is happening in the house. The best thing to do is call the domestic violence helpline number if the situation gets uncontrollable for you.

To Sum Up

Whether it is physical abuse or emotional, no type of domestic violence is justified. If you have been dealing with such violence for a long time, it is very essential for you to take a stand against it. The best would be to consult a lawyer and seek compensation from the abuser for the damages he/she has caused. Always be ready with a safety plan to escape from any unwanted violent incident.