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Helpful Guide For Truck Accident Claims

by Tracy Finke

Every year, many trucks get into serious and minor accidents across the country. One has to know what to do in such a situation which can leave one panicked. Accidents can happen even if the driver is being very careful of their surroundings and taking all the precautions. Sometimes, the situation goes out of hand.

There is also a great possibility that after an accident, an individual would want to file a legal claim. Preparations and awareness can help you save time and resources. So, this guide will help you in knowing the truck accident claims process closely.

Report Right Away

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The very first thing a lawyer or any legal expert will recommend is reporting the accident. You want the truck accident to be on official police records. This will only be possible if you take the time to call someone to file a report. It would serve as proof that authorities were involved from the beginning.

It can count as evidence from an objective perspective at the time of filing a claim. However, do not jump on the call right away. Check to see if you are safe and need medical attention. Get out of the vehicle if it is too severe of damage and turn the hazard lights on. If the situation is not serious and there are no injuries, contact the police all the same. The best case scenario is to have a report on the same day.

Take As Many Photos As Possible

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We are talking of a legal claim, and these are highly dependent on the presence of evidence. Photos serve as visual evidence, which is the deal kind of proof that can help with insurance claims and other settlements. One can tilt the odds of the case in their favor if they have enough foresight to click pictures of the accident scene.

If the phone is broken in the incident, it is best to ask for someone to help you out. This is essentially important for extensive damages because the proof will help establish how much of the vehicle suffered damages. Even if some photos are not very clear, they will give a reference form where you can remember important details about the incident.

Collect and Exchange Information From Other Parties

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One of the first things one does after getting into a vehicular accident is looking to see who was at fault. This cannot be done if one does not identify the driver who was involved. One needs to collect information pertaining to their identity, especially if an insurance claim is to be made. Getting identification of the other party is essential.

Exchanging information implies that you are introducing yourself and sharing your details as well. If the other party is at fault, the most you need to do is identify yourself. Collect the driver’s name, the company they were driving for, and the insurance related details.

Get Witnesses

Witnesses can help build your case more strongly than ever. If there is someone looking on, collect their information and verify it thoroughly so that you know who to contact in case a testimony needs to be made. Witnesses can help just as much as they provide an objective point of view about the entire happening.

Get Medically Treated

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All of the steps mentioned above can be easily done by the time medical help comes. One should seek medical attention in case of any serious injuries. It is important to seek medical attention in every capacity because it might be suppressing pain or not feeling much because of the adrenaline rush.

Get treated by the paramedics and do not refuse any testing because the accident can have a lasting impact that might not be visible externally. Refrain from being negligent, especially when it comes to your health.

Weigh Your Words

If you have filed a claim, an insurance adjuster will be the first one who gets in touch. It is easy to get intimidated in that context and feel overwhelmed with the questioning. It is better to listen to the question carefully and only answer what is asked. Refrain from taking any kind of blame on yourself because that would make the insurance company liable to pay you less than you deserve. It is easy to fill the silence with words so try to stay silent and only speak when required.

Get a Lawyer

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If you think managing everything on your own would be difficult, get professional help. There are many specialists who know just how to handle this situation. All you need to do is get an attorney who has the experience and will help you out in every capacity. They will listen to your side of the story and act as a mediator in case you feel too nervous.

It is best to get some help to ensure that the claim is paid in full. Try not to back down, especially if you are not at fault. Settlements usually happen in favor of the insurance company if one does not care about their words. Lawyers will help in giving you a better chance at getting paid what you deserve. Click here to look for legal help required in truck accident claims.

Continue With Collecting Receipts

Collecting receipts is very important for everyone who is filing a claim. These include the repair bills of the vehicle and the medical bills. In case of psychological trauma, one also needs proper prescriptions and bills to be paid for all the expenses. If there is any continuity error, the insurance company might decline to pay them altogether. Create a folder if possible but manage all records and receipts.

The Takeaway

Truck accident claims can be tricky if one does not know how to proceed. One should, of course, seek medical treatment in case of serious injuries. But collecting evidence, witness information, and other details is also important for later. Be open to accepting help from legal experts if needed as a mediator.