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Davos is More Important to Donald Trump Than Melania

by Sinisav

EXPRESS – 01/24/2020: Donald Trump spends hours on Twitter every day. It’s a part of his life. Everything of even the smallest importance goes through his @POTUS account. But, one significant life event went without his comment. Yesterday was the 15th anniversary of Donald’s and Melania’s marriage. Bot of them failed to mention it on their social media platforms.

This is becoming a frequent occurrence as the pair didn’t say anything about it last year. We thought that the 14th anniversary isn’t important, but the 15th should be unique. The White House Instagram account dedicated more time to Trump’s anniversary than them. Maybe they shouldn’t as their memento was branded awkward by social media users.

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This is another thing that distinguishes Trump’s from Obama’s. The previous presidential couple never missed sharing with the world their sweet messages on their anniversary.

The same was expected from at least Donald. He tweeted 140 times a few days ago, and he couldn’t spend one tweet on his wife. This further fueled the claims that not everything is perfect in Donald’s and Melania’s relationship. Others went even further by claiming that the only thing holding their marriage is the fact that Donald is the President.

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Donald Trump’s supporters don’t share this opinion. According to them, both the First Lady and POTUS want to keep their relationship for themselves. This makes sense as they usually praise each other on social media but only for their work, and never are too personal. Rarely you will see a post regarding their private life. On the other hand, praise for professional success is always there.

Nonetheless, they should at least mention their significant anniversary. It seems they don’t even spend it together. Every year since he became President, Trump was absent from White House. This year he is in Davos at World Economic Forum. Melania should be the one with him, but she pulled in the last moment. In her place, he now has Ivanka, which also prompts controversies as to what exactly does Ivanka do there? But that’s a story for another article.

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