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5 Proven Tips to Be Happy and More Productive at Work – 2024 Guide

by William Gist

“Fall in love with what you do, and you’ll never have to work a single day in your life” is a famous saying that a lot of people can relate to, and we find it to be very true as well.

When you are satisfied with your job position, and you love going to work, your productivity will be increased, and everything you do will simply yield a product of higher quality.

However, not everybody is happy that they need to go to work as soon as they get out of bed, and if you are feeling this way, you’re already setting yourself up for failure.

Luckily, this article will be entirely dedicated to teaching you some of the best five proven ways to increase your productivity at work, so if you are currently dealing with such an issue, or you’re just curious to learn some more, feel free to continue reading until the end. Here’s what you need to know.

Find a job that you like


The first and most important thing that you have to do, is to find a job position that suits your needs, but not only payment-wise but also in a way which fulfills you and makes you happy. If you dislike what you are doing, not even money will be a motivator good enough to make you stay there for a long time.

If you already have a job, and you are looking for a way to increase your productivity without switching your profession, good advice is to change the way you work and keep things fresh by switching up now and then.

Try new methods, new styles and in general new things that you haven’t tried before. Humans need constant change, and without it, things become boring, really fast. We’re not robots, so we cannot be expected to perform like that either. So, make sure that you make every single day at work as interesting as possible by constantly trying new things and feeling “alive” instead of feeling like you’re stuck in a never-ending loop.

Pay attention to your sleeping schedule


Sleep is something that we have to do every night if we want our mind and body to perform as they should. Without sleep, we cannot function properly, and even if we have the best job in the world, we can’t perform like we should if we’re tired.

Controlling your sleep and making sure that you provide your body the best possible circumstances for a good night rest is the first thing that you should focus on if you are willing to become a more productive person in general, and not just at work.

Get at least eight hours of sleep during the night, and a one-hour nap during the day if required. If you are not comfortable where you’re sleeping, and you are looking for a way to improve your circumstances comfort-wise, feel free to visit bedstar.

Get along with your colleagues


You cannot enjoy your job if the working environment doesn’t feel like home. To make this happen, you’ll have to get along with all your colleagues, get to know their names, a bit about their personal life, what they like or dislike and the usual things that people talk about at work.

This might seem like something a bit difficult to do at the start, especially if you are completely new in a larger company with hundreds of employees, but as time goes by, you’ll notice that everyone will just get friendly, and you’ll feel a lot more comfortable at work when this happens.

Comfort is a great thing when it comes to productivity, which is one of the reasons why people who work from home perform well. Luckily, you can make your working environment feel like home, so try to get along with everyone, even the ones who have a higher position than yours.

Spend some free time to improve further


Let’s say that you’re a programmer, and you are a new member of a larger company with a lot of experience and rich history of successful projects. You were picked up because you are considered to be a rising star and a talented person who can contribute to the further successes of the company, but you are still a few steps behind the other more experienced employees.

If this makes you unhappy, and you want to be on the same level as the others, or you’re just willing to increase your payment by becoming a better programmer, you can spend some of your free time to self-educate yourself and work on some side-projects that can sharpen your skills.

Productivity largely depends on how you are feeling at work, so if you think that you’re falling behind the others, this might push you down even further. So, give your best to improve and become the one who leads in the company. Set an example and everything else will slowly but surely come to you.

Give yourself some rest


Now, this might sound like the complete opposite of what we just mentioned above, but rest and work are two entirely different things, and you need them both to achieve optimal results. Without a proper rest every once in a while, and we’re not talking about sleep, you won’t be able to perform better at work, because your body and your mind will burn out sooner or later.

When you feel like you’re going through a lot of pressure, your concentration is slowly dropping and you’re just not as productive as you were before, give yourself a rest and take a vacation. This will help you recharge your batteries, get rid of all the unnecessary brain fog and help you think clearly about all the future ideas and projects that you’ll participate in.

Don’t worry, taking a vacation won’t make you worse at what you’re doing, and you won’t get “out of shape” if you give yourself a few days to just relax and lose all the stress. Also remember not to compare yourself with others when it comes to rest, because some people naturally need more rest, while some need a lot less. Stay in your lane and do what works for you.