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Courtney Cox’s Daughter Has an Amazing Voice

by Nebojša Vujinović

Coco Arquette, 15, the daughter of Hollywood actress Courtney Cox, 55, and actor David Arquette, 48, appeared in her mother’s Instagram video where she showed everyone how good of a singer she is.

On her official Instagram profile where she has over 9 million followers, Cox uploaded a video of her daughter singing while she is accompanying her by playing the piano.

Source: Pinterest

The young star in the making sang “Burn” by American singer Phillipa Soo, while her mother played the music. The mother-daughter duo did a phenomenal job together.

The young girl did such a great job that many of her mom’s followers told her in the comment section that she has an angel’s voice and that she could have a Broadway singing career without any trouble.

The video has over 850,000 likes, nearly 11,000 comments, and over 3.8 million views. It is safe to say that Coco has a very bright future in the entertainment industry!