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8 Cost-Efficient House Designs for a Total Home Makeover

by Tracy Finke

You have been dreaming of a home makeover for a long time and have finally decided to do it. It can be very challenging to decide how your house should look after the renovations. Renovating on a budget makes it even harder because you have to pick a cost-efficient design.

You have probably seen several dramatic home makeovers with a big reveal, and all you can think of is the designs must have cost a fortune. But you can hold on to your dream and pocket with these simple, cost-effective design ideas.

1. Paint Your Floorboards

Source: insider.com

A new or refreshed paint job can transform any room in an instant. A fresh coat of paint can give your living room, hallway, or bedroom a new decorating scheme. If you want a new look around the house, choose a different paint color than what already exists.

Before painting, the floorboards check for damages so you can repair them before you start the paint job. Visit Materials Market for the building supplies you need. Painted floorboards are very affordable yet transformative. Don’t forget the stairs if you have them. Stairs are the first thing visitors notice, so this can be a great place to indulge in some colour.

2. Go a Different Direction with the Kitchen

Instead of doing some lousy patch work and leaving the kitchen as is, go in a totally new direction. Add a kitchen island if you don’t have one because it makes a major difference. It opens up the space, and it’s a functional design. Go for bold cabinet designs. You can make a big statement with the kitchen, and one way to do so is by using unique, bold cabinets.

Adding a tile backsplash can also make a big change. Don’t shy away from adding personal touches to the kitchen decorations. You should also think about installing new advanced appliances. Remember, kitchen renovation supplies can be pricey. Find promotional sales and stores where you can get quality material without spending a lot.

3. Use Unique Wall Paneling

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A quick, budget-friendly home improvement idea for your walls is installing paneling. This can upgrade your bathroom, kitchen, or living room walls and even create a rustic look. The wooden planks and shiplap are readily available and can make your home makeover easy and fast. If you are tired of the boring white walls, choose some bold colors for the new installation.

It will give your house character and a different look you have been eyeing for a while. You will notice that trendy interiors these days always include unique colors. Even a small pop of color can be highly beneficial in a makeover. When choosing wall paneling, consider the furniture and other decorations in the room.

4. Improve the Ceiling

People focus on the floors and walls in home renovations and forget the ceiling. But to achieve your dream home, find ways to spruce up the ceiling. There are different types of ceilings, so upgrading ideas are endless. You can try the farmhouse look by adding faux wood beams in the kitchen or dining room.

Painting your ceiling with accent colors can create depth and contrast in the bedrooms. Go with tin or surface-mount tiles in the bathroom for a retro feel. Consult a professional interior designer such as SDH Studio if you can’t decide on the ceiling upgrade. They can help you uncover stylish ideas that go with your home design.

5. Install a Skylight

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Skylights are inexpensive architectural solutions for a dark attic or loft room. You can add one or two skylights to brighten up any dull room in your house. The skylight also has a dramatic effect, which can be great when you are doing a total home makeover. Get a professional to install the skylight rather than DIY it, especially when you don’t have the skills.

Besides the aesthetic changes, a skylight will add natural light to your spaces. When considering adding rooftop windows to your house design, you should also find ways to upgrade your windows and doors. Skylights offer better ventilation and can help you save on energy costs.

6. Replace or Refresh Internal Doors

Transform any room by adding a new door or refreshing the existing one. If you choose to refresh the internal doors, choose on-trend colors. Consider French internal doors with glass windows as new installations. Glass doors can create an open plan idea for the living room without removing any walls.

The layout of the home will be completely different, and you won’t have to make major structural changes that are costly. Look at different internal door ideas before making the final decision. Upgrading interior doors can add value to your home besides providing an aesthetically modern look. You can also incorporate sliding barn doors which are affordable, space-saving, and very trendy.

7. Makeover Your Fireplace

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A dated fireplace can make the whole house feel out of touch. That’s because a fireplace is usually the focal point in the living room. Include the fireplace in your makeover plan. Paint it with some neutral colors if you are going for a minimalistic look. But if you want a more dramatic look, choose a color that stands out.

Eye-catching colors like yellow or deep blue can make the area pop. You can introduce other elements like artwork or decorations for a better facelift. Statement-making tiles can also work if you don’t want to paint the area. Choose the design that is better suited for your budget.

8. Don’t Forget the Exterior

A total home makeover includes exterior upgrades. You have to examine the windows, roof, front yard, or deck. The fencing might also need replacing or refreshing. Try to get a more modern exterior with the budget you have. You can make minor upgrades on some parts and go all out on one area. Most people who renovate choose to restore the deck.

You will need quality building materials that can withstand the harsh outdoor environment. New outdoor installations can give the home a different face. You can give the property a boost by adding a garden room. An extra room is always a great idea; it can serve as a study room, home office, or gym. Into the Garden Room offers modern garden rooms with bespoke designs to enhance the exteriors of your home.

Final Words

A home makeover can add value to the property and help you maximize how you use your living spaces. From a simple paint job to adding new structures and installations, these affordable designs are worth considering. You can have a brand-new look without going through all your savings.

With a home renovation, you are going to need construction supplies and new installations. Endure you are getting the materials from a reliable provider. Make changes that will have the most impact, and choose timeless designs that will remain trendy.