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The 4 Best Waterproof Picnic and Beach Mats for Every Style

by Tracy Finke

When it comes to picnics there are many things you need to keep in mind. Of course, many people will start with food and beverages. But that’s the icing on the cake. You’re bringing a cake, right? Joking aside, there are bigger issues you need to think about. Do you agree? If we’re not on the same page, then please, listen to us. Of course, when you are organizing a picnic having something to eat and drink is essential. You can’t go without that. Then, there’s the basket, and that is a  must too. But, is that all?

No, that is not all. As you can tell from our title, we are going to focus on another essential part of every picnic. We sure do hope that you haven’t forgotten about the mat. This is something that needs to be high on your list when you’re planning a picnic. We’re talking about those waterproof kinds. If your party is going to be organized on a beach having its properties in your mind is a must. Now that we have come this far, you do agree with us, right?

Bringing by your side a waterproof picnic mat is what will make every party of this kind a success. If you forget it or bring a regular kind, things can go south pretty fast. When you’re on a beach, the soil is going to be moist. Sometimes food or drinks are going to spill, so having a water-resistant mat on the ground is a job well done.

We believe that you’re convinced now that this is the kind you need. But, how to make the right choice? Don’t worry, we are here to talk to you about the best waterproof picnic and beach mats for every style. Let’s start your education on this subject.

1. Hendeer ‘Norwegian Wood’ Woven Picnic Rug/Throw

Source: tantrika.com.au

Let’s start with something peculiar. This rug from Hendeer is something else. Do you agree? You probably do. It is a mat perfect for every occasion. The design you see is unique and you won’t find another manufacturer focusing on such details for a simple product such as a picnic rug. But, that’s where the story becomes great. It’s not only a picnic rug. While ideal for every outdoor party, you can use it in the house as a rug, you can have it falling from your wall, and also you can have it covering your furniture.

As you can see in the product description, it is a woven product, which is ideal for many things. If your picnic is romantically themed you’ll swipe your partner off your feet. While it might be heavy, we assure you it’s quite lightweight, which makes it ideal to carry around. It comes in two sizes, 130x160cm and 170x200cm. The smaller one weighs 1 kilo while the bigger sample is 1.65kg. it’s easy to use, clean, and wash, and we can say there is any reason why you shouldn’t start your picnic adventure with this mat.

2. L.L.Bean Waterproof Outdoor Blanket

Source: thespruce.com

If you don’t go for our first suggestion this one can do the trick too. It excels in most domains and we have only words of praise for its quality, comfort, durability, and ease of cleaning. The downside is that due to its shape, size, and packaging it might be hard to fit into your bag. But, on the bright side, you’ll love its stain resistance, waterproof properties, softness, and ease of cleaning. If you’re having a family outing, this one is a surefire pick. Something like Victor Wembanyama in the next NBA Draft.

It also comes in two sizes, and it is quite lightweight which makes it ideal for shaking off once your eating and drinking are done.  As we said, if you don’t go for our first suggestion, this one is a great consolation prize without a doubt.

3. Yodo Water-Resistant Picnic Blanket Tote

Source: upgradedpoints.com

If your desire to hang outside with friends or family in a casual manner this is your blanket. If you want to be cozy while on the outside but not spend too much in the process, we have a suggestion for you. Don’t worry, you’ll get a fair product for a fair price. It weighs less than two pounds, which makes it so easy to carry around that you wouldn’t believe it.

But, its biggest asset is the ability to repel any fluid spilled on it. It doesn’t soak anything, but rather allows fluids to flow away from its surface. So, if you’re taking the kids out, this mat is going to be your best friend. The issue with it is that, while it comes in two sizes, the biggest option is still small. So, if you’re having more people over, it won’t do the trick.

4. Oniva Blanket Tote XL Outdoor Picnic Blanket

Source: nepal.ubuy.com

If you’re looking to pack quite a party out for a picnic this one should suit your needs better. It’s quite comfy and with its size, it can hold food and drinks for many people. Depending on your preferences, you’ll love not only its affordability but also the number of colors it comes in. The downside is that it’s not machine washable, but, with the ease of cleaning present in this case that won’t pose too much of an issue.

This Oniva blanket is not called oversized without a reason. Don let its 80×70 inches size frighten you. It’s still more than easy to carry around. Of course, it falls in comparison with some of the options from above, and it is not 100% waterproof. But any traces of water that come inside are easy to flush out. On the positive side, it’s quite easy to shake off all debris and dirt that it might collect while you’re outside.

Bottom Line

As we said in the beginning, the talk is going to be, and it was about waterproof picnic mats. We dully delivered on what was promised, and now you have plenty of options to choose from. We started with the best options, with the most quality, and at a good price, but we doubled it down to a few pieces that are affordable and can still do the work. In the end, the decision is solely yours. Make the right one.