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6 Tips For Staying Calm When Talking to Strangers Online

by Ava-Rose Calderon

Conducting video chatting with random users has its benefits. You can communicate with interesting people and even make new friends.

But if you meet strangers online for the first time, you will likely be nervous. To avoid this, let’s consider helpful recommendations on how to stay calm during video calls.

The Popularity of Video Chat Platforms

Nowadays, one can observe the rapid development of the internet and the things connected with it. Thus, video chat sites have started to gain popularity over the last few years. The main reason is the global pandemic that causes people all over the world to stay at home and communicate at a distance.

Today, users are able to socialize with not only friends or family members, but also conduct a strangers video chat. People from every corner of the globe have the possibility to talk to strangers online via callmechat.com with the assistance of free video chat rooms. This is pretty interesting for a reason you can discuss many topics with completely random users and maybe even become friends.

If you get used to communicating with relatives and your pals via video, you have all chances to start to get nervous during your first online chat with strangers. Luckily, we gathered effective tips on how to stay cool during your online live video chat with random users.

1. Know Your Stuff

Source: regain.us

In case you feel uncomfortable in front of your companions during a chat video random, one of the simplest methods to get into the rhythm is to know your stuff. Everything you should do is switch all your attention to a role you are going to play during a video chat with strangers. For example, if you plan to discuss global trends, focus on this.

2. Have a Chat in a Comfortable Room

Your environment can greatly influence your state. If you are going to have a video call with random strangers in a public place such as a café or park, you will get nervous with a high probability. The reason is that other people and noises can distract you from your online live video chat.

The solution is to create a space where you will feel comfortable during a random chat. This can be even your room with a comfy sitting area, proper lighting, and minimal surrounding noise. Also, you can place your personal trinkets near your laptop or computer which can raise your confidence or simply improve your mood during a video call.

3. Understand Your Interlocutors Can Be Nervous Too

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When you meet strangers online, you should keep in mind that these users are human beings like you. They can get even more nervous than you. If you observe signs of nervousness in your companion, you can calm him/her by saying you are a bit nervous as well. The general issue of being nervous will disappear fast as soon as you start discussing different topics and getting to know each other better.

4. Prepare Some Questions in Advance

One of the things that can cause you to become nervous during an online chat with strangers is silence. If you and your companion have nothing to say, an awkward pause appears. This can lead to either you or your interlocutor quitting a video chat.

The more awkward pauses will be during video chatting, the more uncertainty you will have in the future. Fortunately, there is a simple way to avoid such awkward pauses. You have the possibility to engage curiosity with the assistance of questions prepared beforehand.

There is nothing bad with having pre-scripted questions for a random chat. On the contrary, such questions can assist you to ease your social anxiety and get the conversations going.

5. Take Deep Breaths

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As the practice shows, deep breaths are really helpful during video calls with random strangers. It is recommended to take a few deep breaths before you are going to launch a video chat. How does it work? When you are anxious, your breathing becomes shallow and rapid. Simply speaking, you do not get enough oxygen.

Lack of oxygen only feeds anxiety and panic. Luckily, deep breathing saturates your brain with oxygen and calms down your nervous system. Thus, as soon as you feel nervous during a video call, remember to take deep breaths.

6. Be Curious

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Being curious during chat video random has its advantages. First, you can grab the attention of your companions during the entire video call. Also, this is a good way to calm down. For example, your interlocutor starts discussing an interesting topic or talking about himself/herself. Be curious about what your companion is telling you and this can help you to get distracted from anxiety.


Having a chat with strangers differs a little bit from communicating with your family and friends. You see random people for the first time and this is understandable why you can get nervous.

You have a chance to become friends with some of your random companions. But for this, you should overcome anxiety during your first video call.

Even if you are communicative in real life with your relatives and pals, there is no guarantee that you feel the same with random strangers online. Such factors as the slow speed of the internet, distractive noises, and awkward pauses can make you nervous.

Fortunately, there is a solution to avoid anxiety and conduct great video calls with random users. For this, you should familiarize yourself with several hinds on how to stay calm during video chats discussed above. All of them are effective and can be useful for you to have memorable and interesting video calls with strangers.