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Remodel Your Living Room in these 5 Simple Ways in 2024

by Dangula Bingula

Are you bored with the current design or look of your living room and want a change? Well, whether you are planning a complete remodel or just a DIY refurbishing for a refreshing look, remodeling your living room is never an easy task.

Since it’s the room you host your guests, spend time watching TV or just relaxing, you want the room to have the most inviting and refreshing look.

Remodeling can also be aimed at raising the asking price of the house during a resale, and doing it right will guarantee you’ll get all of your money’s worth and then some. If this is the case, you need to seek the expertise of experienced professionals who will ensure that you get what you desire. MyJobQuote is a great platform that offers you a chance to choose the best person or contractor to complete your job.

But, even with the right person, you still need to decide what changes you want to be done to your living room. These incredible remodel ideas will not only give a fresh look to your space but also guarantee a high ROI (return on investment).

Here are 5 interesting projects to consider:

1.   Apply a Fresh Coat of Paint


Changing the color of your living room by applying a new shade of paint on your walls can be an excellent idea. Choosing a new, exciting color will help to refresh your space and make it more inviting.

And, whether you choose to paint a single wall as a focal point or all the walls, painting can be a handy and affordable way to transform your space. Changing that color gives your living room a completely new look and feel.

If you intend to sell the house after the facelift, the color palette you select must then be appealing to potential buyers.

Colors that are generally likable include white, beige, gray, as well as other neutral colors. Lighter blue color evokes a breezy, cheerful feeling at the beach, while a deep blue one communicates a sense of rich values.

2. Expand Your Living Room Space


Unlike in the past, where living rooms were kept compact to help conserve energy, having a large spacious living room is the new trend. And, if your living room is relatively small, giving it some extra space can be an excellent idea.

If your living room is adjacent to another, you never use, or one that you won’t mind sacrificing, joining the two can give you the space you desire. Although this can be complicated and messy for a DIY project, with the right contractor, you’ll get great results.

Just ensure that the wall to be removed is a non-load-bearing one. With a larger room, you have enough space for any décor and furniture ideas you have in mind.

3. Let in More Natural Light to the Room


A living room is designed for living. And, nothing will stimulate this feeling better than a stream of natural light. One way to get more light into your living room is by redesigning your windows.

If you are like most other homeowners, your windows might just not be letting in enough light. To ensure that they do, you might consider giving the window space a facelift by installing new and bigger ones. This way, you give your living room all the light it requires to offer the best atmosphere.

And you shouldn’t worry about the return on investment. Studies show that new windows can recoup up to 75% of their installation cost. This makes it one of the best ways to remodel your living room, and it makes sure you get the best isolation.

4. Revamp the Furniture


If you are budget conscious, refurbishing your current furniture can be an inexpensive alternative to buying brand new furniture. Face lifting your existing furniture guarantees you a new look for your living room without having to break a bank.

However, for this to work, the frames of your furniture must be in good shape. If you are unsure of the state of the frame, you can also opt to use loose covers to revamp that chair or sofa. The loose cover can be of any color you prefer and can be changed for a different one as you wish.

Some furniture like tables, rocking chairs, and stools, can be revamped by painting them. And just like with walls, fresh and inspiring paint will give an entirely new look to your furniture.

5. Focus on the Flooring


Redoing your floor is another excellent upgrade idea for your living room. This can be done either changing the entire flooring material like the tiles or just replacing the carpets with new ones.

Many people will opt to buy new mats to refurbish their floors, as they are seen as a cheaper and more comfortable option. Also, they are in a variety of designs, colors, and sizes to choose from.

But, even replacing those damaged or old tiles on your floor doesn’t have to be too expensive. Wooden laminates and Vinyl tiles are quite cost-effective flooring alternatives that can do wonders for your floors’ appearance.

These are incredible modern floor finishes that you can even install on top of the current tiles or cement floor. This makes it a fast and mess-free option of refreshing your living room space.


Whichever option you pick, upgrading your living room has more benefits than just the refreshing look. Most of these upgrade options will guarantee a higher value for your home if you ever consider selling it. Again, who doesn’t want to relax in an attractive space? Try out these incredible ideas to get that inspiring living room you’ve been longing for.

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