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Coronavirus or Ebola? It’s All The Same For Donald Trump

by Sinisav

CNBC – 02/25/2020: Donald Trump has a severe issue with coronavirus. At one moment, Mr. President claims that it will go away. At other, he asks for $2.5 billion from Congress to prevent the global spreading of the named virus. Somewhere in the middle, POTUS declared that the vaccine for coronavirus is almost complete.

The President made a colossal gaff here. He was not thinking about coronavirus. The vaccine for Ebola is almost completed. This is not the first time for the President to have a potato/tomato situation. But he chooses the wrong moment. Coronavirus is on the verge of an outbreak, and it should be taken seriously.

Donald Trump

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President Trump is currently on a diplomatic visit to India, where he will spend two days. The gaffe we mentioned was made at a news conference in this Asian country. One of the things POTUS did to prevent coronavirus escalating in the U.S. are travel restrictions.

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In the past, when there was an Ebola outbreak, Trump was the first one to criticize the authorities and President at the time, Barack Obama, only to be the one doing nothing a few years later during another health crisis.

While talking about the current situation, POTUS compared it to the one in 2014: “We’re still working on Ebola. We’re doing a vaccine … we’re still working on that.” Trump also talked about the date rate of coronavirus, which stands at 2%: ‘’In the other case, it was a virtual 100 percent. Now they have it, they have studied it, they know very much. In fact, we’re very close to a vaccine.’’

People quickly assumed that Trump was talking about the coronavirus vaccine. White House spokesman Judd Deere denied this notion.

We can only hope that there won’t be a coronavirus outbreak in the U.S., as Donald Trump might not be able to handle it. The man tweeted this in 2014 after all: “Ebola patient will be brought to the U.S. in a few days – now I know for sure that our leaders are incompetent. KEEP THEM OUT OF HERE!”

Source: cnbc.com