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Which Is Better: Concrete or Fiberglass Pools?

by William Gist

You do not buy a pools every day, so for an investment of this magnitude, thorough research is utterly advised. One of the first things you should consider is whether a fiberglass or concrete pool could satisfy your true wants and needs, therefore which one will prove to be better for you and your family.

Taking all the things into concern leads to an obvious conclusion that the purchase of this sort of commodity does not happen on a daily basis. Moreover, if things are done in a way they should be done, this particular situation occurs once in a lifetime. Therefore, gathering all the possible information about the subject is a matter of great importance.


Whether you like it or not, this kind of acquisition will affect both your life and your lifestyle. Not only will you spend most of your free time around this area, but it will also become a gathering place for your friends and family. Therefore, start checking what are your new duties as a host of the get-togethers you will be organizing.

Among numerous things to choose from when buying a pool, deciding whether you want a concrete or fiberglass pool is what is one of the most important decisions to make. Although they both have their specific advantages and disadvantages, finding out about the pros and cons they both bare might assist you in making a correct decision. Since various factors may affect your choice, reading through the following lines may prove helpful in deciding what suits your needs best.

The Benefits of Fiberglass Pools


What makes a fiberglass pool distinguishable from its competition is the simplicity of its installation. Since all the assembling is already finished in the construction facility, the finished product is what comes to your backyard ready for the placement. As opposed to the concrete which requires a considerably longer time to be placed, fiberglass pool implementation can be done in a matter of weeks.

Constructors of fiberglass pools have invested both resources and time into perfecting the appearance of the surface of their products. Therefore, the astonishing visage is what beautifies these luxurious water canisters. Also, the maintenance of the fiberglass is greatly facilitated by the usage of superior materials. It is rarely a case that resurfacing of the surfaces of a fiberglass pool is required during its lifetime.

Since fiber-reinforced composites have their surface reinforced with gelcoat, the retention of algae and microorganisms is minimal. Therefore, fever chemicals are used for the upkeep resulting in fever expenses and being environmentally friendly. If you are looking for more thorough information regarding fiberglass pools feel free to explore more and visit donehuesleisure.com.au for additional info.

Since the durability is characteristic of fiberglass pools, another feature worth mentioning is its flexibility. This factor may prove crucial if the site of your new pool has issues with land sliding. Considering it is consistent and made of solid materials able to camber in order to lean on the surface it is placed on, the stability of the fiberglass pool is not questionable. That is also the reason why manufacturers provide long warranties supporting the quality and endurance it provides.

The Drawbacks of Fiberglass Pools


Considering they are composited in a construction facility and that the shape of the pool that comes to your yard is final, you do not have the luxury of being picky. Namely, you will most certainly be provided with a catalog of possible pool designs, but you will not be able to make additional modifications to the original model, so further customization is not possible and what you see is what you get.

Since the models are fixed, so is the size. If you do not find the one that suits you, then settling with another type of pool might be the answer. Either that or changing the manufacturer. Luckily, most of the manufacturers have offered a range of products and different sizes covered.

Finally, you will probably need a crane to get it in from the delivery truck to your back yard. Since it comes in a single form, lifting it up and placing it where it should stand represents the easiest way.

The Benefits of Concrete Pools


Being able to choose from a range of models is something, but if you have the option to design your own pool or arrange it to be designed according to your plans and needs, well, it sounds much more attractive. Since they are assembled on the site, the opportunities regarding the concrete pool designs are practically endless. Only a budget may be a limiting factor, but that is a topic for another discussion.

The esthetics of your concrete pool may be generated to fit any type of yard, not bouncing from its surroundings. Choosing the adequate surface finish depends solely on your preference and it is a feature that makes it be pleasing to the eyes, so another of your senses is to be pleased.

The stability of concrete pools is not to be neglected. There are multiple examples of this kind of commodities being used for more than a couple of generations, proving that longevity is reachable with proper maintenance.

The Drawbacks of Concrete Pools


The process of assembling concrete pools can last for months, considering the need for concrete to be cured. Also, spending time equals spending money. The higher cost of this constructional endeavor is not conditioned solely with the long-lasting construction, but also with the complexity of the design that raises the price tag proportionally. Therefore, more complex designs require more funds.

Sadly, most popular finishes remain rough on the touch. Therefore, you may end up with a few scratches on your feet if you are not careful. Regarding the surfaces, it is also worth mentioning that concrete pools are much more solid than fiberglass ones, therefore, jumping on your head may not be such a good idea.


In the long run, maintaining a concrete cost more than that of fiberglass one. Also, algae tend to stick to its surface so using chemicals to get rid of them is a common practice. Any form of chemical usage affects the quality of the water, so this feature comes as a setback for the concrete pools.

Although there are multiple factors to affect your decision, finding the balance of benefits and downsides these two types of pools offer would be a reasonable solution. Acquiring a commodity such is a pool will affect the roots of your social life while hot and steamy days will be nothing but an excuse to dive in your new favorite corner. Therefore, choose wisely according to your preference and possibilities. There is no wrong choice, just the choice that suits your needs better.