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Things to Keep in Mind While Buying BBQ Grills

by Elsa Stringer

If one may ask, what’s in a name? Well, a lot of things. Barbeque is a style of cooking, a device for cooking, a meal and or a get together where you cook and serve barbeque! A barbeque grill is a device for cooking barbeque. Heat is applied from below to broil or roast meat.

Barbeque is popular in many regions of the world, spreading in popularity from South America since the 18th century. Grilling is one of the best barbeque techniques. BBQ grills may come in many designs. Generally, they may be wood, charcoal, or gas-fuelled, or electric.


There are more than a dozen grills available in the market. They come equipped with different kinds of technology, features, and design. If you are looking to buy the perfect BBQ grill but confusion clouds your mind, don’t worry. To help you out, here is a detailed comparison between two of the best easy to use pellet BBQ grills for your home.

Why Should I Get A BBQ Grill?


Let’s start with the question—why are barbeques so popular? They are one of the oldest cooking methods in the world. Cooking on low heat for a long time cooks meat to perfection. The smoky flavors which are absorbed in the meal give it a distinctness that you can only get from a barbeque.

If you are looking to host the best outdoor get-together, you might want to think about getting a BBQ grill today! From perfectly cooked steaks to smoky sausages, chicken breasts, hamburgers, and hotdogs—a BBQ grill gives you all these and more.

If meat is not on the menu, there are other options you can try. Go for oysters, prawns, or fishes like salmon and tuna. Going vegan? Grilled vegetables, salads, eggplant or grilled corn on the cob are the perfect dish. What says mouth-watering meal and good company like a barbeque?

Points To Consider When Buying A Grill


There are dozens of BBQ grills, and it’s easy to be confused when choosing one for yourself. Points that one should keep in mind while choosing a grill are:

  • What fuels the fire?
  • The temperature range
  • How much time will it take to grill something to perfection?
  • Are you looking to grill outdoors or indoors?
  • What features do you get within your budget?
  • Is it made out of material that is durable and resistant to rust?
  • Is mobility a factor for you?

What Are The Different Types of BBQ Grills Out There?

Pellet Grills


Pellet grills use compressed wood pellets as fuel. They run on electricity. This burns the wood pellets, which help cook the food.

How does a pellet grill work? The compressed wood pellets are supplied into the hopper and fed into a firepot at the end of the grill. An electrically powered auger connects them. It feeds pellets into the firepot as they burn. A fan system in the grill distributes heat and smoke throughout the grill for better cooking.


  • The rich flavor that is only burning wood can give your food.
  • Adjusting the temperature is simple.
  • Indirect heat technology makes it a very convenient grill.
  • They are extremely versatile, suited to grilling, smoking, or even baking.
  • Some come with Wi-Fi and Bluetooth facilities, which makes it easy to keep a check on temperature and cooking time.

However, they may be costlier than gas grills. They take a longer time to cook. Buying wooden pellets for fuel may seem expensive in the long run. If you want to find more about pellet smokers, check out buying guides on Perfectly Smoked.

Gas Grills


Gas grills are the most popular for grilling outdoors. They are usually fuelled by propane, but one can also switch to natural gas.

Advantages to using a gas grill:

  • Gas grills heat up pretty quickly and grill food faster
  • Temperature control knobs make it easy to regulate the heat.
  • They are easy to clean up.
  • They are inexpensive in the long run if you are using natural gas.

However, as compared to charcoal grills, you get the very little smoky flavor in your food. If you are using a natural gas line connected from your home, it may affect the mobility of the grill. They may be more expensive than charcoal grills.

Charcoal Grills


This is the traditional choice for barbeque lovers. They are the most trusted grills. For those who love a rich smoky flavor in their food, a charcoal grill is the answer. Charcoal briquettes are used to fuel the grill.

Benefits of using a charcoal grill:

  • It cooks food slow and steady, taking a longer time than gas grills.
  • The meal will be rich in smoky flavors.
  • Charcoal grills also come within a low budget.

However, the disadvantages of abounding. Pre-heating the grill and preparing it takes time. The expense of charcoal, long cooking time, and clean up afterward may be a deterrent.

Electric Grills


Modern electric grills are the best fit for those living in the city. Powered by electricity, they are usually portable and efficient. If your apartment or condo has fire regulations, you can always get an electric BBQ grill.


  • Quick and even heating
  • No prep
  • No expenses are incurred in fuel.
  • Easy cleanup and maintenance
  • Very convenient
  • To set it up, you simply plug it into the nearest socket.

There are some cons too. If you like your meat smoky, this is not for you. Convenience requires a compromise on taste.

Portable or Kettle Grills


As the name suggests, portable grills are light, small in size, and easy to carry. They run on either charcoal or propane. You can use charcoal if you want your meat smoky. Have plans for a camping trip or a picnic? A portable grill will come in handy.

Kettle grills have two chambers. The upper chamber is the lid. The lower chamber, which holds the charcoal is kettle-shaped, giving these grills their name.


  • Portable and easy to carry
  • Very light in weight
  • Can run on either propane or charcoal
  • Perfect for an outing or a trip
  • One can enjoy a smoky meal.

There are some disadvantages. They come with the limited cooking surface. You cannot cook a large batch at once. If you have a large party, people will be in line for a while.

Make sure you keep these crucial points in mind before buying a BBQ grill for your next party or get-together!