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All About Stadium Lights

by Dangula Bingula

Stadium lights are usually compelling sport lights that get mounted at taller heights and small-angle beams of about 12-60 degrees in the sports fields. These typically allow the illumination of light reaching the ground from the various eminent heights.

These lights are usually set in a manner that they can be able to provide flashes to all the spots on the ground. The best thing is that these lights need not be installed in the stadiums permanently. You can rent them and still enjoy your favourite sports.

Stadium Lighting Rentals – safety above all else


Most people tend to assume that renting the stadium lighting is a walk in the park. No, this is not the case because there are many things you need to bear in mind to maximize the value of your money by keeping these cots minimal.

However, never sacrifice employees’ experience and safety for a few bucks in savings. This is never worth it.

The first key thing to always consider is records of safety. There is still an unfortunate trend in the use of heavy construction and equipment in businesses. In that, people on both sides make a lot of assumptions regarding each other’s party knowledge. However, whether this is usually through the lack of foresight or pride, this typically has risky assumptions that could have expensive consequences. Therefore, you need to make sure that the contractors that you hire have the right knowledge in what they do.

Therefore, how do you then go about finding more about their credentials? This is one of the relatively simple processes that most people carrying on the stadium lighting rentals never think about. All you need to do is asking.

When you call around to find the most suitable company with their pricing information, you can take a moment and ask them more questions regarding their training, experience, and the other certifications.

These rental company needs providing you with the right answers. It could be your responsibility to understand more about this equipment or the rental company could offer you various instructions.

Additionally, you should ensure that the rental company that you go for has the right trading permits and licenses. You do not need to be held responsible for renting stadium lights from a company that has penalties with the local authorities.

Therefore, with all this warning information, what you need keeping in mind is that these towers are usually designed in a manner to be safe.

I need not send you away with the impression that this equipment is any more harmful than having a ride in your car because it isn’t. Though, just like any other activities that entail the use of heavy equipment, it pays to have all the right needed information.

Therefore, the next time you’re out there in need of renting the portable stadium light towers, it will not hurt so that the company can show you some demonstrations. This will help you with an idea regarding the erection of this equipment and also an indicator of the contractor’s skills and experience. This personnel also need to give you all the helpful tips that could make the entire process a success.

Stadium Light Towers – The Three Most Important Features


When you have significant sporting events and you need to buy or renting the stadium lighting, there are some key things that you need to consider. Having this in mind will make the entire process more comfortable and less time-consuming. This includes;

  • Ease of Erection

Making an assumption that you are going with the portable light towers, the next thing you will need to consider is the ease of erection. There is no need to have these mobile light towers, and yet they are taking longer to be fixed up to run smoothly.

This will mean that not only will there be a fast tower-extension time, but also the reliance on a particular power source that could be quickly started and kept running as long as you need. For this reason, you will find that most of the stadium lights tower using diesel generators as they are known due to their ease of operation and reliability.

  • Safety

Safety is always a key priority to anyone that operates the heavy equipment, including the light towers. Almost every company has its safety features, and thus make sure you are reading through their manuals before trying to operate the towers. The good thing is that some companies will offer you wit service provides after renting the unit, one added advantage to renting over purchasing.

  • Portability

In case you are new to the stadium lighting, the fact is that you will be tempted to get these lighting units installed permanently. Though having these permanent fixtures is always a good thing to have in terms of an increase in value and reliability, one of the biggest priorities could be portability.

For example, before the commencing of the game, you may decide you need some light to be shifted from its current position, or you may need just removing this light from the field.

These things are the only possible with portable lighting.

More so, most of the industrial lighting projects usually need the ability to move the lights between the different working locations. For instance, you will find those large refinery companies needing light towers at one point and then moving them to the other in the next week.

This kind of flexibility is essential due to the ever-changing preferences and needs of most industries and sports.


Having the stadium lights play a significant role in the provision of safety both to the spectators and players. With this proper stadium lighting, this could make the games more fun. However, when you need to rent these stadium light towers, you need to be that keen.

There are many factors that you can consider when looking for stadium lighting equipment, but the above three are considered by most manufacturers and renters to be of great importance. Among other things, LED Light Expert has a specialty in the issues related to stadium light towers as well as on securing the stadium light tower rentals.