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Commercial Stainless Steel Tables – 2024 Guide

by Tracy Finke

Every year more and more cafes and restaurants open. We are talking about one of the busiest industries out there. Therefore, the competition is pretty steep. When visiting any catering establishment, you should pay attention not only to the taste of food and the quality of service. But also do not forget about the sanitary and hygienic standards that apply to food preparation, in particular to kitchen furniture and equipment.

As you can see, there are a lot of different factors that determine whether the particular restaurant or coffee shop is good or not. Of course, those who are considered top-notch places will pay close attention to these elements. These often have positive reviews by famous critics in the industry. Sure, they do not pay attention only to the food in the restaurant.

They are trying to encompass all the key factors when they are coming up with their reviews. Critics pay attention to how they are served, the quality of food, how clean the restaurant is, how popular it is, etc. As you can see, coming up with a positive review takes a lot of time and effort on the behalf of the business owner.

However, there are many places that simply don’t pay attention to these and they are simply not interested in focusing on these. Also, not many of them have enough motivation and will to improve these aspects. Self-respecting restaurants and other establishments that value their reputation and the health of their customers use stainless steel tables (more here) in their kitchens.

What are the most significant factors?

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One of the most significant factors you will need to take a look into is the thickness. There are three standard options for these. These are 14, 16, and 18. It needs to be said that 18 is the thinnest. At the same time, you can presume that the thickest are the most expensive ones. The next factor we would like to talk about is the possibility of having an undershelf. Anyone who works in this industry will agree that the undershelf is a crucial factor.

Undershelves have the goal of providing additional space for whatever is needed to bring to the table. If these are big enough, you can use them to service more than just a couple of tables. Undershelf will help you to carry more than you would without them. For instance, you can bring a coffee maker so you can serve people at the table with a fresh cup of coffee. When you get back to the kitchen, you can bring empty plates, ashtrays, and other items.

When it comes to how durable these can be, you will see that there are a lot of different scenarios. It depends on the steel used to make them. For instance, if a particular table is 304, that means that this is a product of the highest quality. Those who are using 430 are of the lowest possible quality. The chemical construction of these is too complex for us to explain in this article of ours. It is a story for another time.

Stainless steel tables can be of various designs and sizes, which allows you to choose the most suitable option. In addition, you can make a table in order to satisfy the chefs working in the kitchen as much as possible. The stainless steel prep table allows you to organize the most complex technological processes and increase labor productivity. It is used for various purposes, including:

  • processing of vegetables and fruits;
  • cutting meat and fish;
  • work with semi-finished products (cutting, cutting);
  • kneading and rolling dough;
  • packing of food products;
  • presentation of ready-made meals;
  • storage of dirty dishes for subsequent washing;
  • sorting waste.

In addition, any equipment for daily use can be placed on the table. Thus, by purchasing such a table, the institution not only streamlines the work but also significantly saves time for cooking, because almost all operations can be done without leaving the table.

Advantages of stainless steel commercial

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Many materials are used in construction and other industries, but stainless steel is often required due to its properties, which is included in the manufacture of commercial work tables. Pros of stainless steel table are:

1. Significant anti-corrosion properties;

It goes well with other materials – glass, plastic, wood, concrete, metal, marble, stone, granite, and brick;
Safety in case of fire or explosion due to high heat-resistant properties;

2. Scratch-resistant;

Does not require additional processing, such as painting. Possesses an excellent aesthetic appearance;

Fingerprints do not remain on the surface of satin-finished or brushed steel, which does not spoil the appearance of the products;

3. High hygienic properties;

It is easy to restore the surface if needed;
It can be used in different spheres for different work.

Depending on the design and place of installation, the stainless steel prep tables are manufactured: a production table made of stainless steel with wallboard (the presence of a board prevents the penetration of small food particles between the tabletop and the wall) and without a board. It is also possible to make a work table with an undershelf with a solid bottom shelf, which adds useful space for the kitchen.

There are many varieties of stainless steel work tables on the market today. They can be of various lengths and widths, have additional elements or accessories, etc. The most popular modifications include:

  • models with or without a sink;
  • island or wall-mounted;
  • with or without shelves.

You can buy stainless steel tables in specialized stores and check such materials as stainless steel in work. But this issue must be approached very seriously. Any table must meet all requests and fit all dimensions of the room. Sure, it is important to understand all of these elements before you can make a choice that will serve you in the best possible way.

The Bottom Line

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Opting for stainless steel tables is no walk-in part. We are talking about numerous aspects you need to have an insight into.

Here, you can take a look at what are the most significant ones and how you can use them most efficiently. We are sure you will find all of these useful and interesting when making a decision in the future.