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Commercial Interior Design – Guidelines For Rookies

by Ingeborg

No one will lie to you, designing interiors for a commercial space is challenging, especially for someone who has never done it before. This space has to promote your business efficiently and create an engaging experience for your clients.

Customers’ expectations are constantly evolving, so you need to understand how your clients want the interiors of your commercial space to look and to design it as close as possible to this image. Luckily, the following guidelines will help you understand how to create a commercial space that attracts clients.

Create a versatile space

All commercial spaces should be versatile because businesses often evolve or change their direction, and it’s easier to shift the design of the space if it includes versatile structure elements. This characteristic is essential for offices and retail stores.

Organize the space in a manner that allows you to customize it according to the feedback you receive from your clients. After opening the commercial space to customers, their opinions will not be late to come.

Use glass


As you probably noticed, many offices and stores use glass. Why? It’s a perfect solution for inviting clients inside and dividing spaces. When passing by, people can have a glimpse of what happens inside, and it can drive their curiosity. If more than one employee is working in the office, then you should decide the space to create a working environment that facilitates the creation and keeps distractions away. Glass creates an airy feel and keeps design simple.

You can also use glass for furniture items like tabletops, drawers, and partitions that separate products. Retail stores use it to create a monumental interior design at affordable prices. No matter what design theme you choose, you can use glass to decorate the commercial space and maintain its overall performance.

Modern décor is the latest trend for commercial spaces

Functional commercial structures feature modern touches because they are clean and sharp. Modern design has, well, modern features and has been used in both commercial and residential interior design for more than a century. It’s characterized by the use of industrial materials, simple colors, minimalist features, smooth lines, hard cuts, and a lot of steel.

Businesses use modern design décor to offer their clients the impression of high-tech innovations without actually adding those innovations.

Decide what the theme of the space is


It may sound like the easiest decision you’ll ever have to make, but you’ll soon understand that it influences all the other decisions. It’s crucial for your commercial space to match its commercial properties and to meet the values of the business. For example, if you intend to start a Spanish themed restaurant, you need to work with a Latin-styled theme. So, before you decide upon a theme, you should ask yourself if it fits the commercial setting you want to create.

The general rule is the theme of the space to match one of the business because it’s crucial for clients to associate it with the brand it promotes.

Choose high-quality flooring


When you have to decide upon a flooring solution, you’ll understand that you can choose from many options. From hardwood to carpets, vinyl, and concrete, constructors can deliver the solution you need to design the space that enhances engagement. Before deciding which option is the right one for your space, you should know that different areas from your store or office require different flooring. Lately, companies are using beam and block flooring, like the one Lynx Precast offers because it’s cost-effective and time-resistant. If you go with beam and block flooring, you’ll have no issues to install it, and you can do it on your own because it doesn’t require any special skills.

You should consider the maintenance of the flooring solution you choose requires because it will determine if you hire a cleaning company. You also need to estimate how many people are expected to use the commercial space daily, because carpet may not be the best choice for an area where over 100 people are expected to come daily.

Use deep tones

When you decorate a commercial space, you should check what the latest design trends are. This year, architects and designers promote features that reflect the beauty of nature, so you stay with deep brown, green, and blue tones. Greys, charcoals, and greens are colors perfect for a commercial space. Mix them with taupe, stone, and ivory to create a balanced space.

If you want the space to look more playful, you add some paprika and lime shades to the above colors. Small drops of bold colors work wonders in a commercial space.

Use your aesthetic creativity


Use your creativity to design a space that reflects your company’s values. Commercial interior designing requires business founders to step in and share what their vision is for the space that will work as a brand ambassador for their company.

Ensure you choose elements that can evolve or be changed in the future when the company evolves. For example, you need to decide what color palette better represents your business, and use it when you decorate the space. Only because now you are using lime green, it doesn’t matter than in the future, and you should stick to it. You maintain the color, but you choose another shade.

All commercial spaces should include convertible areas you can easily modify without affecting the rest of the design.

Safety is essential

Even if it’s the last aspect we mention in this article, it doesn’t mean it’s the least important one. Safety is a paramount feature in all commercial spaces, and every choice you make should have it in view. Fuse security and safety measures in your interior design and sacrifice design instead of function if you have to choose. Not only that, your space needs to comply with the local regulations, but you have a moral obligation towards your workers and clients.

The bottom line is your commercial space needs to be functional and stylish. A single item can make the difference between making or breaking the overall look, so think twice before deciding.