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All You Need To Know About PVC Fabric

by William Gist

Industrial fabrics come with different sets of strengths and weaknesses.

Different types of industrial fabrics are good, and bad, for certain industries. One might be good for marine usage, and that same one could be bad for the aerospace industry. Each one has different features, for example, some are highly versatile, some are fire-resistant, some are chemical resistant, and some are tear-resistant.

But the one that scores high in all categories is PVC fabric. PVC fabric, or vinyl, is the one that has more strengths than weaknesses. Its use goes into a lot of industries, and for a lot of different applications. So that’s why we’ve decided to introduce you to PVC fabric, and tell you all there is to it.

What is PVC Fabric?

PVC Fabric


PVC fabric is a synthetic technical fabric that is specially designed and manufactured to be used for a broad variety of applications. This type of fabric is very resistant and resilient against most distortions. Its ability to sustain damage goes beyond anything there is on the market. But one of the most highly praised features is probably the fact that this material is highly versatile, amongst others which we will discuss later.

PVC fabric also requires much less energy and materials to produce, compared to other industrial fabrics. The ability to be cost-effective and better than the rest is the reason why manufacturers decide to use it for various applications, according to tarppvc.com.

Areas Where PVC Fabric Is Used

We mentioned that versatility is one of the most important features of this fabric. Its versatile proportions are sustainable for a wide variety of industries such as:

· Automotive Industry

This type of PVC can be used throughout the car’s interior such as the instrument panels, door casting, seating, gear lever gaiters, headliners, load space covers, and various other components. This fabric is also great from a design point of view, as it can be produced to imitate leather, carbon fiber, and other fabrics that make up an ideal solution for the vast majority of interior trim components of a vehicle.

· Transportation Industry


The hardness and longevity of this fabric make it vital for the mass transportation industry in the form of tarp truck covers. Furthermore, PVC fabric offers an unprecedented level of grain, color, and style when it comes to these tarps.

· Marine Industry


Its waterproof features and ability to prevent bacterial growth makes PVC fabrics the perfect choice for marine applications. This fabric is very easy to maintain, which is another plus in the books, making it best for the upholstery of powerboats, yachts, and even cruise ships.

· Other Industries


While there are some of the industries where PVC fabric is mostly used, there are certainly others that make up the long list. Notable industries include the aerospace industry where they make hot-air balloons, headliners, convertible roofs, and protective suits for astronauts, suits for firefighters, and suits for military personnel.

This fabric also has architectural and structural uses for roofing, awning, and it can be used for inflatable structures.