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How to Lead a Comfortable and Stress Free Life Post Retirement?

by Elsa Stringer

Working hard day in and day out can be really exhausting. Most of us want to juggle adequate money quickly to take an early retirement and enjoy the rest of our lives. But is this really enough to make the most of our life post retirement – the life we so look forward to. No, there are several other aspects that we need to look at in order to lead a comfortable, secure and happy life as we grow old. Here is a complete list of points that we must take care of:

Choose Smart Retirement Investment Plans


While we seek lucrative jobs or set up businesses to earn well many of us overlook the importance of saving our hard-earned money smartly. Often the money keeps lying in the savings account and does not yield much return. You may not be impacted by this while you are still earning as you have enough cash flow however things will not remain the same as you retire and have limited or no income. Investments that reap good profit can be your savior at that time as they shall keep you financially secure. These savings and investments need to be done well in time else you may face a financial crunch post-retirement.

Some smart retirement investment options are purchasing gold coins or bars, buying stocks and bonds, investing in bitcoin, purchasing property, and opening a high yield savings account. All these investments have their own set of rules and regulations and yield different returns. In order to know which investment option is best suited as per your requirement, it is suggested to log on to retirementinvestments.com or another such website. These are designed to help you make appropriate investment choices based on your financial condition. You just need to answer a few questions asked by them and they will suggest the most suitable investment plans in a matter of minutes. You can also clarify any doubt or apprehension to make an informed decision.

Be Debt-Free


Don’t plan to retire early if you are in debt. Even if you have enough savings and have chosen smart investment options that can offer regular income as you retire it is only wise to clear all your debts before choosing to opt-out of work. This will help you lead a more fulfilling life as you shall be able to use your money to pursue your hobbies/ interests, holiday with your spouse, or head to spiritual retreats rather than spending it on paying the debts.

In fact, at any point in time, it is suggested to purchase property, car as well as other assets that come well within your budget in order to avoid heavy mortgage as much as possible. This is a good way to avoid the financial burden and lead a stress-free life before as well as after retirement.

Spend Smartly

Retirement is the time when you want to check everything on your bucket list with the limited finances you have. You will not be able to fulfill all your wishes and live comfortably if you don’t spend smartly. It is best to create a budget and spend accordingly. You can save a lot of money by choosing the best possible deals on groceries, clothes, air/train tickets, hotel reservations, hobby courses, and every other thing under the sun.

Lead a Healthy Life


“Health is wealth”. No amount of savings and investments can bring you joy or aid in pursuing your hobbies if you are ill or unhealthy. It is important to follow a healthy lifestyle to stay fit and enjoy your life to the fullest after you retire. Eat healthy food, exercise regularly, take adequate rest and think positive to stay healthy and strong mentally as well as physically. You must make these positive lifestyle changes when you are still young.

Purchase Health Insurance


In order to avoid medical expenses during old age, it is important to purchase health insurance cover from a reputed firm. This way you will not have to bear medical expenditure and can spend your money on other important things. The medical cover will take care of all your expenses.

However, make sure you read all the terms and conditions attached to the health insurance policy you opt for in order to benefit from it.

Baby Sit your Grandchildren


It has been observed that oldies who spend more time with their grandchildren are happier and live a long and more fulfilling life. So, you must try your best to maintain a cordial relationship with your children and grandchildren. It is a good idea to invite them over frequently. You may even offer to babysit your grandchildren as your grown-up kids attend their office or go out for some other purpose. This will be a great help to them and also a good activity for you.

Plan Vacations


Vacations are a great way to de-stress. To enjoy your retirement days to the fullest, it is advised to plan frequent holidays with your spouse or friends. Traveling to different places brings a new perspective to life. It also breaks the monotony and renders a refreshing change. It is a good idea to plan a family vacation every once in a while to strengthen the bond with your loved ones.

Pursue a Hobby


We all have certain hobbies and interests that we aren’t able to pursue due to our hectic work schedule and other responsibilities. But these hobbies can certainly be pursued post-retirement. Everyone should consider this to bring in more joy and fulfillment in life.

If you are still young, we suggest you make smart investment choices to secure your retirement days. This is best done by seeking professional help. There are quite a few firms that evaluate and assess your financial condition as well as your requirement and suggest plans accordingly. You must also follow the various other tips mentioned above to lead a stress-free life as you enter old age.