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How to Pick the Best CRM Software

by Ingeborg

Customer relationship is an essential part of corporate business. Reputation can improve or worsen relationships with your customers, especially in the increasingly connected world of social media. In today’s market, it has become necessary to communicate transparently on different channels: paper mail, telephone, email, and in recent years even through posts on social networks.

It is not just about having satisfied customers, but also making sure that the organization of work remains efficient and that the key performance indicators are achieved. All this sea of ​​data, information, customers, and processes can be monitored and managed through integrated data analysis and verification system. To effectively manage this set of data, you should use Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software. It is a type of software that helps businesses to manage customer interactions.

Businesses can also organize and access their data smoothly. This is vital for companies that want to build stronger customer relationships and boost sales. Visit espocrm.com for one of the best free self-hosted and cloud CRM software. Despite their undoubted usefulness, they are simple to use and inexpensive software; some manufacturers even offer free trial versions designed primarily to help you choose the right CRM for your needs.

Choosing an Ideal CRM Software

Here are a few things that can guide you in choosing the best CRM software.

Identify Your Business Needs

You should understand your company’s needs better to choose a customer relationship management software that will work perfectly. One of the things that can guide you is the number of customers you are dealing with regularly. This will help you settle for a system that will work perfectly for your business. Understand what your business requires most to pick a CRM solution that will work smoothly.

Possible Integrations


Integrations of CRM software are important because it will allow you to use the latter, for example, with social networks or other software and platforms that you could use to run your business or follow your customers’ trends. Generally, current software has a greater or lesser number of possible integrations, but some prefer to limit them to a few platforms or websites, without more.

Remember to find out and ask questions about the software, to see how the integrations are going, if they are simple, etc. It should also be able to merge with third-party apps. It is easier to send letters directly from the window of the customer management system, and not go to the email service. Also, edit documents and publish corporate news on social networks.

Consider the User Interface


Having an interface that allows data to be read quickly and easily is important not to waste time. Therefore, it is essential to choose a CRM software with this type of simple interface, especially if you are not used to such software. For this criterion, I advise you not only to read the comments and opinions of the users of the software you are considering but also to take the time to test the trial/demo versions of the software, since most allow it. Users should not be put off by unwanted buttons and system capabilities. We need to simplify the work.



The type of billing for software can be an important criterion of choice because the amount to be paid monthly or annually is important, especially for small businesses. You could, for example, have an annual or monthly billing, the former often providing a reduction of a few percent on the total price of the solution, but committing you in the long term, while the second solution allows you to change software quickly if the current does not suit you.

Also, it is possible to find CRM software that charges a certain amount per user (a benefit for small businesses), but it quickly becomes expensive for companies where many people need to access the software. On the other hand, some software allows an unlimited number of users, but is generally more expensive than others, at least to some extent, and the latter is suitable for large companies only.


You should also look into the security features of the CRM software you intend to use. The system must ensure the safety and security of data. Data should not be allowed to be stolen from outside or from within the company. Each employee should have access to the information they need to work. This will limit the loss or tampering of essential data that will leave your business counting losses.

Editing Options


There are instances you may want to edit some of your customer details. CRM software with editing features is the best. You should make sure it is limited and gives you information about different people who edit the data. It is important to see who and when made changes to the documents in order to restore the course of events if problems arise with the client. Previous versions of the document must be saved so that they can be restored. You should also look for one that allows you to add new functionalities.

Generally, reworking a system is a costly and complex process. If it allows you to independently create cards with the required fields and link cards in a process, this is a big plus for the system. You should also be able to delete unwanted functionalities. To work conveniently, you need to get rid of those system capabilities that clog up the work area and distract. Ideally, the employee sees only those buttons and fields that they use in their work.

Quality Control of Input Data


The system should not contain data with errors and other unwanted things. If the system determines that an employee enters data that duplicates existing ones, it should find out about this. If an employee enters zero in the field instead of the letter “o” – it should also find out about this.

It is important to maintain cleanliness and order in the data in order to quickly find the information you need. Consider all these essential factors to choose CRM software that will work perfectly for your business.