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Chrissy Teigen fires back at People calling Coronavirus Tests “Too Invasive”

by Nebojša Vujinović

In these tough and strange times of the coronavirus pandemic, different people express different views and standpoints when it comes to the deadly virus that isolated and quarantined everyone.

Model, TV personality and author Christine Diane Teigen, 34, better known as Chrissy, shot back at President Donald Trump and Vice President Mike Pence for calling COVID-19 tests too invasive.

Source: Popsugar

Trump shared his discomfort about the tests and said the following:

“[It’s] not something I want to do every day, I can tell you that.“It’s a little bit of… good doctors in the White House, but it’s a test. It’s a test, it’s a medical test. Nothing pleasant about it.”

Mike pence on the other hand wrote this:

“It was kind of a pinch. It was kind of invasive. But we were grateful for the support.”

As a result, multiple women took to Twitter and pointed out how men cannot deal with a 30-second invasive test while their labor lasted for hours, even days.

The sharp-mouthed Teigen then called them out, saying her lady parts suffered a lot during the birth of her daughter Luna:

One woman added she was in labor for 52 hours and wondered how grown men cannot deal with a nasal swab that only lasts 30 seconds. Others joined in, calling back on their experiences, lasting anywhere from 20 hours to 96 hours.

Many people online did not believe Trump had even taken a test, which would explain his weird answers when asked about the experience.