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7 Things To Have In Mind When Choosing Formal Dressing

by Tracy Finke

You must have heard many times that a suit makes a man. This is not just about expensive clothes and blindly following fashion trends. What is even more important is that the person shows self-confidence in the garment.

Today we can often see attractive, scantily clad girls, who blindly follow fashion trends often without taking into account whether a piece of clothing goes with their figure. That is why formal dress never goes out of fashion.

When we mention this expression, most think of a man in a suit and a woman in a black midi dress. Okay, it’s not a mistake, because it’s actually a formal business dress. If this sounds monotonous and boring, it doesn’t have to be. To always look well formally dressed, follow these tips.

1. Less is more

Source: vogue.com

Minimalism is the perfect contrast to prints that have been fashionable for several seasons. The style in which everything revolves around simplicity, clear and clean segments convinced us that less is more. The simpler the garments are in terms of cut, color, and texture, the easier it will be to put together a good minimalist combination and always be modern.

Few people know that formal attire actually comes down to formal occasions. Yes, dresses are more glamorous, sometimes forgetting the rule less is more, but the essence is to choose models that suit your body and those that give free rein to the imagination. Sometimes a dress that shows almost nothing tickles the fat the most.

2. Save money on shopping or not?

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Never fall into the trap of overspending on pieces of clothing that you will not wear so often or that you will wear too often. For example, white cotton t-shirts are something that each of us has in our closet and men often wear them even when wearing formal clothes, under a jacket or white shirt. So, no matter how good it is, the white T-shirt will wear out quickly after frequent washing. Isn’t it better to buy more of them for less money and change them?

3. Wear only what suits you well

The basic rule is to choose clothes according to the material, so wear only what looks good on you. Avoid pieces in which you look too thin, fat, masculine, inconsistent with age, even though they are absolutely in trend and “everyone wears it”.

4. Good cut and length

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The secret of elegant style lies in quality materials and good cuts. Too tight pants or too short a dress is not a good choice for a formal dress or business look. Choose models that follow your body line but allow you to move freely.

There is a fine line between good taste and vulgarity. Unfortunately, many girls spin it. Formal attire will always give you a good image, and you can also look very attractive. Who says a knee-length formal dress isn’t attractive?

It doesn’t have to be a little black dress, there are many interesting and elegant prints such as petite formal dresses or those with a floral pattern. Of course, we must not forget the evening dresses that are often present in the business world. You can click here to find more about it.

5. Formal dressing for Saturday night out? Why not?!

The formal business dress code is linked to traditional work environments. Employees must dress in suits, jackets with trousers or skirts, and dresses with appropriate accessories. Clothing that reveals too much cleavage, back, chest, legs, feet, belly, or underwear is prohibited.

However, with the right accessory, this outfit can be a real refreshment. A black high-waisted skirt and a white shirt? No problem, unbutton one more button and put an effective, longer necklace around your neck. Choose a bag in a bright color and be sure not to go unnoticed.

6. Designer clothes

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The results of the study showed that we like to wear branded clothes because it gives the impression that we are in a higher position in society, which unknowingly forces people to be more polite to us. This is not a golden rule but it is definitely good to know especially when you really want to impress someone. Click here for more ideas.

7. Clothes send a message

The dressing is one of the elements of nonverbal communication. Simply, by choosing clothes, we send a message about ourselves, that is, we communicate non-verbally with the business and non-business environment.

Before people even start talking to each other their clothes give a statement that expresses their gender, age, class, occupation, origin and personality, as well as what they are or want to be at a particular time. This is extremely important in the business world, as well as the impression it will leave on a potential client.

Each of us has a different fashion taste and the right to choose how he wants to look and what he feels best. Color can reveal a lot about our personality. People who wear black like to feel powerful, and they are also rebels who don’t like authorities.

Unlike people who prefer black garments, there are also those who adore various unusual patterns and cuts. They like clothes with an interesting print or inscription that sends a message. These are witty people who know how to have fun and have no problem being the center of attention.

When it comes to formal attire, know that you can’t be overdressed. You are not wrong if your clothes are a bit exaggerated because it is very easy to take off a tie or jacket and become less formal, but if you appeared only with a shirt, there is no way to become more elegant.

Keep in mind that the hairstyle must go with the outfit, men to be neatly trimmed, beards trimmed and you are ready for any event. Polish your shoes and confidently step on any event!