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5 Must-Have Office-Ready Jewelry Pieces & Accessories

by Edvard Berlusconi

You’re ready to conquer the business world and your career ambitions know no bounds? But before you enter that boardroom or score that first career-launching job, there’s one thing you need to have in order: your office-ready wardrobe. Fact is, accessories can make or break your outfit – and that rings particularly true when you are trying to convey poise, skill and commitment in an office environment. If you’ve already got your power suits and little black dresses covered, here are 5 must-have jewelry and accessory pieces to help you perfect that business-savvy look

1. Classic Pearl Earrings

Img source: lagunapearl.com

When working in a formal environment, there isn’t any room for artisanal, fantasy jewelry pieces – or for opulent, lush gold for that matter. When striving to achieve that ready-to-rock the boardroom look, opt for the classics: aka, radiant, timeless white pearls. The easiest way to incorporate the gems of the sea in your office-ready ensembles is to opt for pearl earrings ( like ones available on: https://www.lagunapearl.com/pearl-earrings ) that have the power to transition any outfit from day to night with ease. Optional: a classic pearl necklace to match – the perfect way to simultaneously convey power and grace.

2. A Structured Handbag

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Picking out the right bag to pair with your smart blazers and tapered pants is no easy task – but it’s definitely doable. Our tips: start out with a versatile, neutral color (including black, greys, brown and taupe, as well as blush). Next, consider the shape of the bag – the more structured, the better. If you’re working in a formal environment, a top handle is an absolute must, as it is the go-to choice of women in power. Extra tip: structured bags designed for the office can get heavy, so ideally, you’d be opting for a lightweight version of a bag that holds its shape well. 

3. Comfortable Heels

Img source: marsibond.com

You’ve got your arsenal of high-heeled pumps, block heel Mary-Janes and the likes. But what you definitely need in your office wardrobe is a good pair of comfortable mid heels. Whether you opt for kitten styles or block heel designs, make sure you’re selecting a pair you can feel comfortable wearing for long periods of time. Extra tip: if you’re lucky to find that ideal pair of heels, double up and get a second in another color (our suggestion: classic black and nude). 

4. A Sleek, Timeless Watch

Img source: mvmtwatches.com

We all have our smart phones that tell us the time, but that simply isn’t the most professional way to find out if you’re running late to the next board meeting. The next item to add on your shopping list for a flawless office-ready look: a sleek, elegant watch that’s timeless (just in design, not in precision) and versatile enough for your work attire

5. A Statement Scarf

Img source: nordstrommedia.com

There isn’t a lot of room for color when your work environment is not welcoming creative attire. In fact, many women in power have a wardrobe that is limited to 3 or 4 shades – and not much else. But if you are all about spicing up your office-ready outfit from time to time, there’s no need to commit to a fuchsia power suit. Simply add a pop of bright hue with the help of an elegant silk scarf. Printed or in a solid, you can rock your vibrant accessory on your handbag or around your neck for that extra note of chicness that’s feminine, yet polished enough for any workplace.