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8 Reasons to Choose a Dental Implant Over Partial Dentures

by Nina Smith

Missing teeth is one of the problems that all people probably would deal with immediately. The inconvenience of having to experience this problem is inevitable for most. But the good news is that there are a lot of options that you can choose from. If you want to replace your missing teeth or missing tooth, you can either go for partial dental implants or partial dentures.

In this article, the advantages of having dental implants will be explored. To be able to do that, it will be compared with partial dentures. If you are looking for the answers on whether or not you will get a dental implant instead of partial dentures, then you have to consider the advantages that you will be able to get. But first, you have to remember that there are different ways on how having any of these two options can affect you.

Dental care is available everywhere. However, the inevitability of losing teeth is a reality for some people. This is something that may happen because of several reasons such as injury, accident or tooth decay. Before, people would only choose between bridges or dentures. Today, we are given another option and that is dental implant.

Dental Implants

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When we talk about dental implants, we are referring to a replacement tooth root. This is a fixed or a removable replacement tooth that matches the color and the appearance of the patient’s tooth. As long as you are healthy, you will be able to undergo the procedure of getting dental implants. The requirement is for a patient to have healthy gums and strong bone to be able to hold the implant.

Just like any other oral treatment, this requires good oral hygiene and regular visit to the dentist. People who have diabetes, heart disease or other chronic disease are not advised to have this procedure. There is an individualized treatment plan for every patient who will be undergoing the dental implant process.

Partial Dentures

Some people consider partial dentures because it is the most common form of treatment for teeth loss. One of the materials used in making a partial denture is resin base. The artificial teeth are going to be inserted into it according to the models of your mouth. For most people, they consider temporary partial dentures after a tooth extraction just so that they won’t appear without some of their teeth. This is something that is considered aesthetic in some cases like that.

Benefits of Dental Implants

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Here are some benefits of having dental implants instead of considering partial dentures:

• Long-lasting Solution
When you consider partial dentures as the solution to your teeth loss problem, you have to know that this is something temporary. You can only use it for a number of years. After that, you have to change it. But if you are going to choose dental implants, this is something that you will be able to enjoy for a lifetime. This is a long-lasting solution because of its permanency. You do not have to think about the cost after having it because it is something that will solve your problem long term.

• Helps Restore Chewing Ability – Removing Food Limitations
Another problem that people with partial dentures experience is difficulty in eating. There are some foods that make it difficult to bite and to chew. There are those that may even affect the denture. Luckily for dental implants, the teeth are placed and positioned in a way that will make the patient feel confident about chewing. Just like your natural teeth, you can eat what you want without worrying about ruining your new teeth. You will feel comfortable chewing and eating.

• Feel and Function like Natural Teeth
The first thing that makes dental implants better than any other options like bridges and dentures is its natural teeth appearance. The materials that are used in making the crown resemble your natural teeth. The purpose for this is to make sure that the patient will not feel uncomfortable about the appearance of the new teeth. It also functions the same way like your other teeth. Its durability is backed up with the way it was installed in the gums. You will not have to worry about a day of embarrassment while eating with other people.

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• Preserve the Jawbone and Prevent Bone from Resorbing
The jawbone is usually being affected if you have missing teeth. This is why people usually decide to have partial dentures after extraction. They are afraid of the effect not only on the position of the remaining teeth but also on the jawbone. But it has to be noted that partial dentures are usually being taken off at night. With this, the solution is also temporary and it does not really serve the purpose of preserving the jawbone. This is where a permanent solution like dental implants becomes very important.

• More Comfortable
Which is more comfortable, to have something that is partially placed there to support your oral needs or something that will be there permanently? This is very easy to answer. In terms of comfort, people would go for something that they do not really have to regularly remove. You can treat your dental implants the way you treat your natural teeth. The way you take care of your natural teeth will be the same way you need to do with your implants. This is not the thing with partial dentures that you need to clean and maintain separately.

• Improved Oral Health
Your oral health is very important. This is the reason why you are looking for a way to deal with your missing teeth problem in the first place. When you go through the procedure, you are also dealing and solving other oral problems that may arise in the future if you do nothing. Firstly, you will not have to deal with gum problems and jaw bone problems. You will be able to prevent other disadvantages that may arise if you only have considered a temporary solution for your problem.

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• Convenience
People would always choose a method that will solve the problem completely. The convenience in having dental implants is something that makes it better than partial dentures or bridges. If you are going to eat with some friends, having partial dentures may make it a bit difficult to eat some food. After brushing your natural teeth, you still have to do another set of cleaning for your partial dentures. This is something that makes this treatment inefficient in some way. For dental implants, you do not have to worry about inconvenient moments or those embarrassing ones.

• Covers Insurance
The most important thing that you need to know is how to cover the cost of the treatment. The good news is that dental implants are covered by insurance. Before you even go for the procedure, you should talk to your medical or dental insurance company and ask them how much is going to be covered. This is something that you should be doing because the cost of this procedure is a bit pricey.

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