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Chloe Ferry Shows Off Her Flat Stomach and Figure

by Elsa Stringer

“Geordie Shore” star Chloe Ferry, 24, lost five pounds in only two days and went to Instagram to share the results of her newest diet with the fans.


She is happy that she can now see the outlines of her sculpted abs, revealing she weighs 138 stones. In the mirror photos, she is wearing lingerie. Her 3.4 million followers flocked to the comment section to congratulate her on the look and tell her how good she looks.


In the caption, she wrote, “I’ve woke up this morning with the outlines for abs”. After this, she showed the scales result, revealing her weight as 9 stone and 12 pounds.


Since Friday, she has been documenting and reporting on her weight, which used to be 10 stone and 3 pounds then.

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She is popular on Instagram for sharing pics of her stunning curves in skimpy bikinis and underwear, which is why she keeps such close attention to her weight and image.