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The Real Meaning, Origin, and Importance of Friendship Bracelets

by Sinke Car

Bracelets are standard among most people, but few know the real meaning, origin, or even the importance of these bracelets. Wearing jewelry such as these became popular more than 7,000 years ago. Archeologists have dug up evidence of bracelets in China, Mesopotamia, and ancient Egypt. After 2000 to 1400 BC, which was the Bronze Age, bracelets were made of bronze and copper. Artisans started adorning bracelets by adding precious stones, shells, etc.

Meaning and Origin


Friendship bracelets date as far back as the ancient Central American times, while some of the decorative knots found on bracelets are traceable back to Ancient China, around 481-221 B.C. In the 1980s, the bracelets shot back to the limelight when matching bracelets became a thing in the United States and the world.

They were popularized by the protests on the peasants in Guatemala and Mayan Indian disappearances. Money gotten from the sale of the bracelets was used to help the families of the missing people. Religious groups who used them in political rallies later brought the bracelets into the U.S.



Friendship bracelets were very often chosen as a gift from one friend to another, signifying unending companionship. The tradition dictates that the friend giving the bracelet should tie the bracelet on the receiver while the receiving friend makes a wish. The bracelet is never to be removed until they naturally wear out and fall off, and the wearer’s wish will be granted.

The bracelets should perfectly capture your friendship, and at the same time, represent your unique personalities, whatever they may be. You can choose identical arm bracelets or ones with variations such as patterns, beading, pendants, or color. It is increasingly popular among teens and young couples, and are made from a variety of materials such as beads and different types of thread.

In modern times, however, friendship bracelets can be worn by people of any age, both female and male. They can also be made from metals, and you can easily find a silver bracelet for women and men. The best of all is, it can be personalized, carrying the special message in that way. You can find these and many more on georgjensen.com.

Jewel can say a lot about the character of the woman. If a lady prefers to wear a gorgeous necklace with lots of striking details, it tells us she is extremely extroverted and likes flirting. On the other hand, women with inconspicuous necklaces are loyal, modest, and devoted to their partner.

If we talk about bracelets, the taste also can say a lot about the character. Very often women choose necklaces or earrings before bracelets, thinking that the bracelet will not be effective enough. This is wrong. The bracelet will highlight the femininity and sensuality of the hands. Jewel experts say women who choose bracelets before any other jewel prefer deeds rather than words. Also, these women have a dose of mystery in them. That is exactly the reason why they wear bracelets to let it talk to her. Also, women who prefer wearing the jewel on the right hand are considered to be strong and determined, while those who prefer wearing it on the left hand are gentler and more withdrawn.


Jewel is a female’s reflection, it reflects her character, style, and sense of fashion. Any clothing combination looks better when complemented with a good piece of jewelry. It can also say a lot about personality. Women who chose colorful, striking jewelry are usually cheerful women and full of confidence, while those who choose inconspicuous jewelry are rather modest and do not want to be in the first plan in the company. Those women are introverted.

The friendship bracelets have different color codes for various types of friendships, such as:

Pink: For that friend who is caring, affectionate, and understanding. This is the perfect choice if you want to say “Thank you” for being there for you in the hardest moments.

White: For a friend with qualities of peace, innocence, or purity.

Yellow: Yellow is a known friendship synonym and is for a friend who is a bubbly and lively personality.

Purple: purple represents a friend with a kind and compassionate heart.

Red: Red is known as the universal color of love, thus its use on St. Valentine’s Day. You can give this to a dearly loved friend, whether romantic or platonic love. There are also different shades of red, so for romantic love, you can choose to use blood red, and a shade lighter for platonic love.

Green: Green is often associated with trust and good luck, so you can gift it to a friend you trust, or for wishing them good luck, probably because of the folklore of the leprechaun in green who lives at the end of the rainbow guarding a pot of gold!

What do you accomplish with the friendship necklace? It is a very nice way to show you care about someone and you appreciate your friendship. Whenever your friend glances at the bracelet, he/she will remember to be your favorite person.

You can choose to combine the colors that best depict your friendship and your friend’s personality. For example, you may combine red, yellow, and green to signify romantic love, friendship, and trust. These bracelets are versatile, and you can be as creative as you want and mix as many colors as you wish.



Bracelets have a long history and date thousands of years back. Friendship bracelets date back to ancient Central America. The bracelets became famous in later years and retained their popularity up to date, especially with teens and young adults. However, adults of any age can also wear the bracelets to signify long-lasting friendships, and the bracelets do not have to be confined to any single material.

Different colors on bracelets signify different personality traits that your friend possesses. We all have different personalities, and the mix of various colors portrays each one of them. A gift like this will surely bring a smile to your loved one’s face because each personalized bracelet carries a special message, known only to you.