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Reasons Businesses Should Use Custom Keychains for Marketing

by Susan Seymour

Being in charge of a business means you are the one responsible for most of its operations, especially the most important ones. As either the owner or the CEO, it is up to you to pick what is best for the entire company and to think of ways to improve across the board. Being more successful and carving a larger piece of the market for you and your staff is how you do this. However, this is much easier said than done and it takes a lot of effort, time, and resources. Oftentimes it takes years for a business to experience any kind of significant recognition and larger success even if things seem to be going well. For these and many other reasons it is important what you do and how you do it.

The most important part of trying to grow a business is attracting more customers and increasing brand recognition. This is of course done through marketing, the effort of letting people know about you. If nobody knows about the business and what it has to offer, there will be next to no traffic in the store or on the website and the revenue will suffer. If there is no revenue, there is no business really since nobody is getting paid. Being successful starts and finishes with the wider audience knowing what you have to offer and why they need your product or service. The only way to let them know is true marketing, and marketing comes in many different forms.

In this article we are talking about one form of marketing, something that may not come to mind immediately when you are thinking of ways to let the people know about you and come visit you. Right here and now, we explore the possibilities of custom keychains for marketing and why businesses should use them. Read on to find out more about how custom keychains can elevate your marketing strategy to the next level and help your whole operation grow. For more on custom keychains, make sure to check out vograce.com.

Inexpensive Marketing

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First and foremost, you have to remember that marketing is an expensive endeavor. The more complicated the whole marketing campaign and strategy the business wants, the more money they have to set aside. Billion dollar companies spend billions on marketing despite everyone knowing about them because it makes sense to invest in new campaigns each year and stay on top. As an average business, you can still do so much but it does not have to be expensive.

Creativity is often enough and with a fraction of what you would otherwise pay you can let thousands of people in your community know about your business. Making custom keychains with acrylic and vinyl is affordable and it makes sense for any business that wants to do a lot but still have marketing money around for bigger stuff like ads and internet solutions.

Ordering finished products or making them yourself, the choice is yours. In either case, it will set you back hundreds of dollars but bring back so many potential customers in return.

Everyone Needs Keychains

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A good thing about marketing products like keychains is the fact that they are a useful item first, and a marketing solution second. Everyone needs a keychain, usually more than one, as there are many keys in the life of an average person. Your home and all of its doors and surrounding facilities can have a dozen keys. Then there are car keys, keys for your work related stuff, and the keys you have to give to the kids when you are not home. Having spare keychains is also a great thing.

Utilizing a nifty little thing like this and turning it into a custom marketing solution will not only help you spread the word about the company but also give the people something they can actually use. It is more expensive than a flier, sure, and it takes a bit more work than a business card, but it serves the same purpose while also being applicable in real life situations.

Merchandise like this is easy to find a role for and the fact that it displays your logo and information can only help. People bring their keys with them everywhere they go too so others will also get the chance to see your brand logo and learn about the business.

Highly Customizable

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Making anything custom implies that it can look like anything you want. For custom acrylic keychains as marketing products, this is really the case. They can have any shape you want and have anything printed on them. No matter the complexity of your logo or the length of your company’s name and info, it can fit on a keychain as long as it is designed properly. Software is used for this and a cutting machine called a circuit machine is used to print it out and cut it in shapes.

There are premade kits with blank keychains and various ornaments to make them more decorative and unique. You can literally make any type of keychain you like as long as you have the right inspiration and dedication.

People Like Free Stuff

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Once you finally have the correct size and shape, make a thousand and start giving them out to people. You will immediately see their reaction as soon as they receive them. Everyone likes free stuff and as previously mentioned, keychains are quite useful. They will remind the people of your brand and of your generosity so be sure to have complementary in your store. You can even go around the neighborhood or the entire community and hand them around, put them in people’s mailboxes, or have other businesses hand them for you as you return the favor to help each other. This type of marketing may seem insignificant and small when compared to larger campaigns, but it is actually anything but.

Keeping things simple is crucial and the keychains will last for years, constantly reminding the person of your business. Whenever they have the need for the product or service you are selling, they will instantly think of you.