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Business Trip In Western Europe? Start In The Netherlands And Go By Rental Car

by Tracy Finke

If you’re looking for a business trip in Western Europe, the Netherlands would be a great place to start. The country has a well-educated workforce and is home to several large multinationals, making it an ideal location for conducting business. Additionally, The Netherlands is easy to navigate and has a high quality of life, making it a comfortable place to stay while in town.

While you may be all set with a schedule, the first thing to look for is accommodation. Once your place to stay is confirmed, look for commuting options. The Netherlands offers various public transportation choices, however, renting a car can be convenient and economical.

The Netherlands has a well-developed highway system, which makes traveling between cities relatively easy. Car rental Netherlands can be used for both personal and business travel. Rent a car and explore the area on your own – there’s plenty to see and do.

Why Visit the Netherlands?

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In the west of the Netherlands, is the Groene Hart or Green Heart. It is a hidden jewel for hikers, cyclists, and boaters. The Green Heart is an oasis of tranquility and peace. Here you can also visit the Cheese Valley, where the renowned Gouda cheese is produced.

Landal De Reeuwijkse Plassen offers sustainable accommodations with a private dock overlooking the magnificent Reeuwijkse Plassen lakes. You can also consider spending the night at Hihahut cottages. These outstanding places to stay are all interconnected by public transport and water routes.

In 2009, the Wadden region in the northern Netherlands was designated as a a UNESCO World Heritage Site due to its uniqueness. The five Dutch Wadden Islands give an ideal opportunity for island-hopping. Each island has its own character and atmosphere, and there are activities available throughout the year, from attending the cultural Oerol festival in early summer to enjoying the cool wind on the beautiful beaches in the fall and winter.

Rotterdam is a remarkable city with an urban atmosphere and an intriguing blend of modern architecture and outstanding art and culture. Also, it is not only a terrific place for Eurovision enthusiasts, but also a city that should be on your bucket list.

It would not be wrong to say that there are more bicycles than any other means of transportation in the Netherlands. The Dutch will grab their bicycle at every possible chance. Bicycling is the best method to immerse oneself in the culture of the Netherlands. The Netherlands is the largest cycling nation in the world. If you are a cycling enthusiast consider visiting this country.

Benefits of renting a car in the Netherlands for a business trip

1. Convenience in traveling

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People who rent cars in the Netherlands for business trips often find it a more convenient and cost-effective option than using public transportation. The Netherlands is a small country, so driving distances are generally short. By renting a car you will have more flexibility and freedom when traveling. You can explore the country at your own pace, without having to worry about timetables or transportation constraints.

2. Flexibility in traveling

If you are looking for a flexible option when traveling for work, renting a car in the Netherlands can be great. You will have more flexibility when planning your trip. You can go where you want, when you want, without having to worry about delays or crowds. With different companies operating in the Netherlands that provide the best renting options.

It means that you can get your car rental without a travel agent or deal with any long waiting periods. You can rent a car for as little as a day or even a week. You can also rent a car for longer periods if you need it.

3. Enjoy the scenic beauty

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If you’re looking to take advantage of the scenic beauty while on a business trip in the Netherlands, renting a car might be the best option. Several rental agencies like BB&L CarRental offer competitive rates and a wide range of options. From compact cars to family sedans, you’ll be able to find the perfect vehicle for your needs. Plus, hiring a car will give you more flexibility when exploring the various towns and villages that make up this lovely country.

4. Cost-effective

Renting a car in the Netherlands is cost-effective for a business trip. The country has a well-developed infrastructure, which makes traveling by car easy. The rates for renting cars are also reasonable, offering good discounts. Many of these companies provide a variety of car models and sizes to choose from. You can also pick up the car from any area you need and drop it at your last destination. The rental company will take it further from there.

5. More variety of car rentals

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Amsterdam is filled with many renowned rental suppliers. All you have to do is run a few searches on Google and you will find numerous rental suppliers near you. You can go to the website of different suppliers and see what they are offering.

Look at the services, terms and conditions and their charges. Always go to the customer feedback section to check out the reviews of the company. Never compromise when it comes to choosing a rental supplier. Make sure to invest your time and effort in finding the best for yourself.

6. Spacious rentals

There are hundreds of vehicles to choose from and make sure to select the one that can accommodate everyone who is going on the trip. People generally go for rentals when they are in need of a bigger vehicle. There are so many models to choose from.

You can select the latest version of vehicles. The Netherlands is a beautiful country and you can visit across the country with the car and there would be no problem. Many rental companies even offer drop off at railway stations for low rates as well.

Final words

The Netherlands is a beautiful place that can be explored easily with a car. There are hundreds of rental service providers in the area. However, you must choose the rental service provider after comparing their services and charges.