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5 Tips on How To Speed Up Your Software Development Process – 2024 Guide

by Tracy Finke

Every IT company wants to create a faster process of development to get ahead in the market. Developing software faster works as a key process of growth for any company. Speeding of the software development process has to be holistic without compromising quality. Even if the current speed is improved, it should be kept up in the future to provide the best service to the client base.

Having a team of developers at your disposal should mean complete implementation within a specified time frame. There are many complexities that directly impact the speed of the process. It can be overwhelming even for the most experienced developers. Some of the complexities involve architecture and integration related to third parties.

However, a company can speed up the process just by following some strategic ideas. In this article, we will talk about some clear methods that will help speed up software development.

What Does the Speed Depend On?

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The speed of the development process is related to the technical side and project requirements. Additionally, putting unrealistic deadlines on a project also builds up pressure and influences performance. If the project specifications are unclear or ambiguous, it will be difficult for developers to follow the objectives. There is also the possibility of internal problems in a company that can lead to structural issues.

Another important aspect is developing good quality code which does not show any errors or bugs. If the team is operating on a strict deadline, it is natural to cut corners. However, directly compromising the quality of the code can impact the reliability of the company and impact the intended performance of the software. One also has to consider that poor quality code will show more errors which will eventually take more time.

We have already mentioned internal issues being a factor that will impact speed directly. However, these issues can be reduced by making sure that there is effective communication between each member of the team. Effective communication will be easy as long as there are limited people in a particular team. 5 to 6 members can improve productivity. Any number more than that can lead to miscommunication and internal issues.

How to Speed Up the Process?

Understanding the above factors can help integrate new changes that will impact the duration of the development process. The ways to complete a project faster would depend on mitigating future problems right away. Some of these are mentioned below.

1. Be Clear With Instructions

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The very first thing one should spend time on is developing a clear set of requirements in instructions. Planning a project helps in understanding the potential problems and how to tackle them. A detailed road map serves as a guide to the developers who would know what to do and when.

The best approach would be to have a clear idea and then discuss it with the people in the team. Clearing everything out in the beginning will lead to fewer complications later on. There might be hiccups along the way, but making a clear plan will reduce their frequency.

2. Expand the Resource Pool

The biggest resource you have at your disposal during a software development process is the software developers. Expanding the resources simply means hiring more people if the need arises. If the company has taken up a big project which is operating on a strict deadline, it is better to seek help.

One can either hire new developers or outsource some tasks to support the team. If working on a customized project, it is better to hire experts. Ask the developers and hire a company that has experience in customized web and mobile applications. One such company is Brights which has experienced developers to take up complex projects.

3. Find Key Performance Indicators

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Key performance indicators are factors that will directly impact the speed if taken care of. Each company wants to speed up the process but rarely does management take time to find what is holding them back. These indicators show how well a process can be completed by resolving avoidable issues.

There should be 3-5 Key Performance Indicators or KPIs that can boost efficiency without any issues with quality. Depending on the project and the company, the KPIs can be different. It is important to focus the KPI on the tasks and the goals of the project.

4. Go With Less Work in Progress

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The work in progress indicates the amount of work left to be done before everything is completed. If each developer is given a high load of tasks to be completed in a shorter time frame, they might feel overwhelmed with the pressure.

Reducing the work in progress means that the load can be divided into smaller tasks with different deadlines. It will reduce the time taken and give a clear idea of who is working on which task and by when it can be completed for review. Dividing the tasks can also give more time to plan ahead and review the work already done.

5. Stay Away From Technical Debt

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Technical debt arises from a deliberate decision to choose an average solution rather than a good quality one. It is specially done to speed up software development. If not taken care of later, it can impact the implementation of the project giving a poor quality.

Rather than choosing to cut corners, it is better to do everything by the book and create a good code from the start. One still has to take care of the changes later if they choose a lesser solution. It will increase the time frame later, so it is better to stay away from it.

The Takeaway

If all of these methods are followed, one will see a significant improvement in the speed of the developers. All the team members need to be chosen based on experts and productivity. It is also important to look at the workload and divide the tasks to improve efficiency.