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7 Benefits & Safety – Prenatal Massage During Pregnancy

by Tracy Finke

Prenatal massage is one of the best massages provided during Pregnancy, and also it will provide many health benefits for the body. It will help reduce swelling in the leg during Pregnancy, improve mood, and make you feel relaxed.

What is Prenatal Massage?

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Prenatal massage is one of the types of regular massage, and its main aim is to relax tense muscles, ease sore spots, improve circulation and mobility in the body, and make you feel comfortable. But prenatal massage is specially customized and tailored to the needs of pregnant women and their changing bodies. Prenatal massage is only given by therapists trained in prenatal massage and will have many years of experience in it.

They will know how to adjust their techniques accordingly to the body types and medical needs. Carrying the baby inside will change your body gravity and stress your back, neck, and shoulders, and you will also feel some discomfort. The extra weight your carrying in your body will lead to pain in your lower pain. Prenatal massage helps you relax your ligaments and pelvic joints, change your posture and pull your pelvis forward. Prenatal massage will be provided as per the doctor’s advice.

How does Prenatal Massage differ from other massages?

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The following points will help us know how prenatal massage differs from regular massages. Prenatal massage techniques are different from other massage therapy. The prenatal massage was only given to the mothers who are excepting the baby, and they can get massage services at any stage of Pregnancy.

In Prenatal massage, the clients are asked to lie on their back or side, which is comforted. Sometimes cushions and bolsters support the body during the massage sessions. Prenatal massage will basely use the Swedish massage techniques, and it will mainly focus on sweeping strokes, but they will apply minimal pressure on the body while doing massage.

Deep tissue pressure will be given in other types of massage therapy, but in the case of prenatal massage, pressure will be less only because it will affect the baby in the womb. Prenatal massage therapists will know which area in the part of the body needs therapeutic and they will provide based on that.

In Prenatal massage, treatment is tailored and specified based on the client’s body type, and they will pay attention to the part of the body that will be different from one client to another. For example, some clients will have swelling and pain in their legs, and the therapist will work only on the particular area and provide relief from that pain. But some clients will have pain in their lower back, and massage will give in that area. Prenatal massage should be given only after the approval of the doctors.

Benefits of Prenatal Massage during Pregnancy

The following are some of the benefits of prenatal massage during pregnancy.

1. Reduce Stress

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Prenatal massage will reduce the physical symptoms of stress, tight muscles, and increased pulse in expecting mothers. By reducing the pain, you can feel good and comfortable, which leads you to reduce all your stress and tensions in your mind.

2. Reduce Swelling

You will have swelling in your feet, legs, and hands during pregnancy, and it is common during this time. The swelling will cause to reduce circulation and also will increase pressure on blood vessels. Getting a good massage will help you stimulate the soft tissue, move the extra fluid, reduce the swelling, and make you feel comfortable.

3. Relieve Lower Back Pain

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During Pregnancy, your body will carry the extra weight, and the center of gravity shifts during the pregnancy period will cause pain lower back. Prenatal massage will help tight muscles in the affected area and increase blood flow which helps release the tension that Pregnancy can bring. Prenatal massage will help you to relieve lower back pains.

4. Improve Sleep

It is very hard to get good sleep during Pregnancy because it is harder as your pregnancy processes. Prenatal massage will help your nervous system and increase good hormone levels in your body, making you feel relaxed and get good sleep. Good sleep will help relieve all your stress and depression in your mind.

5. Makes Deliver Easy

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Prenatal Massage can help you have an easier delivery by reducing your overall stress level. Prenatal massage will keep your muscles toned and relaxed before labor starts. Some sources say that prenatal massage women will have short labor and demand less pain medication.

6. Relieve Pain Naturally

Prenatal massage will offer you a natural, safe, drug-free alternative for pain relief and reduce the use of medications during pregnancy for your baby’s safety and the mother. Prenatal massage helps increase blood flow to tissues, make your body relaxed during and after the massage session, and helps you solve all your discomfort during Pregnancy.

7. Improves Circulation

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Prenatal massage will improve blood circulation in your body, and it is one of the best benefits you can get from prenatal massage. Improving blood circulation leads to an increase in more nutrients and oxygen for your baby. The baby will also receive more nutrients and oxygen, which is very helpful for the baby’s growth and development.


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