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Billie Eilish Net Worth 2024

by Elsa Stringer

The young Billie Eilish has become popular overnight, especially because of her famous song Bad Guy, but besides that, she also has other hits, and she is one of the most popular persons in 2019. Her popularity got her in a place where she has six nominations for a Grammy, from which one is for the album of the year. That is really impressive for a 18-year old girl.

Billie Eilish


The Apple company has recently made a movie about her, a she earned 25 million dollars just from the rights. Billie Eilish was popular before 2019, but this year she reaches the popularity at highest popular level, she se today popular just as some other singers that were famous for a much longer time, such as Beyoncé, or Rihanna, and we expect that we are going to listen to her song for a long time, since she is only 18


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The American pop star from Los Angeles started her career with the debut album Ocean Eyes in 2016, which was released on a popular free music platform, Soundcloud. Her first song with the same name was made for her dance classes, but some label recognized it as a great one after she uploaded it on Soundcloud, and that is where her singing career started.

Before the release of her first album, she has two popular songs, My Boy, and I don`t wanna be you anymore. In the 2018, she released two more songs, you should see me in a crown, and Bitches Broken Hearts. After that, she surprised her listeners with the famous hit Bad Guy, which led to her popularity.

The pop hit Bad Guy is one of the most listened songs of 2019, and it also was number one in Top 100 for a long time. Her first studio album is When We All Fall Asleep, Where Do We Go, from March 2019. This album was one of the most listened in many countries, and even hit the first place in the United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, and the United States.

Billie Eilish


She earned tha platimum album in many countries, and two in the United States. Besides her singing career, she is also succesfull in modeling, and her latest line is a clothing line that she created with Takashi Murakami, a famous Japanese creator. Also, she worked with Calvin Klein and Freak CIty.


She is also in a collaboration with Aplle, she is promoting their app, the Music Lab. She is widely popular among younger population, with more than 40 million followers on Instagram, 3 million of Twitter, 1 million on Soundcloud, and more than 20 million on her YouTube account.


She also has some struggles in her private life, mostly because she is fighting with depression, and has a Tourette syndrome. She is an active promoter of vegans and healthy life.


Her net worth raised quickly in 2019, because now she is having a lot of concerts, and her albums are selling very succesfully. Her total net worth is estimated to be arojnd 8 million dollars, but it would drasticlly change when the Apple finish the documentary about her, because they have a contract where they are obligated to pay her 25 million dollars when the movie is finished.