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Biden Finally Faces The Same Challenge as Trump Once Did

by Nebojša Vujinović

It’s not easy being the President of America these days. It never was, to be fair, but the last two presidents face an enemy that’s hard to eradicate. The US citizens want only one thing from Joe Biden, and that’s to end the coronavirus pandemic. This task is almost impossible, especially on short notice, and there’s the little president can do about it.

At the moment Joe Biden is working on the issue on hand, and the road ahead is not too bright. The nightmare named COVID-19 is lasting for too long now. In recent times matters are even getting worse as there are more and more children infected. The hospitals are slowly filling up again, and there are more children’s patents, and it’s all due to their return to schools. The frustration among the population is high, and there are no signs of the situation calming down.

Source: latimes.com

The next step is to step up with the vaccination. This is what is next for Americans according to White House press secretary Jen Psaki: “That includes getting more people who are unvaccinated vaccinated. That means reducing hospitalizations. That means putting in place more testing requirements and putting in place more protections in the form of boosters to make sure people have an even greater level of protection.”

The virus stepped back only to come back stronger in the completely new Delta variant. The summer, which was rather free for everyone is almost over, and we old be back to harsh reality. The simple things that we planned, such as coming back to work, to reuniting with the family could be off the table again. With the virus once again on the rampage, Joe Biden is under pressure to stop it. Of course, the president directly can’t do anything, but Trump was heavily criticized for his approach, and we could see the same with Biden if he’s not careful.

CNN’s Chief Medical Correspondent Sanjay Gupta was wise to point out that the virus is more dangerous than it was, despite administering millions of vaccines to the US population. Numbers are on the rise all over the specter including newly infected, hospitalized patients, and those who passed away when we compare the numbers to the same period last year. This could be deadly to Biden’s time in office more than anything else.

Biden needs to be wise in his decision, considering that COVID-19 and any new variant are here to say. Megan Ranney, who is an associate dean of Brown University’s School of Public Health, warned that the approach to dealing with coronavirus might need to be different. This is what she said: “Covid is never going to disappear. Anyone who says we’re going to eradicate it or that it’s vanquished, honestly, they’re lying. Covid is going to be around forever. We have to learn how to deal with it, and we have to make it something that is no longer as dangerous as it has been.”

As you see, this is an issue that Biden needs to deal with, and as soon as possible. After all his predecessor lost his place in the Oval Office, mostly due to poor response to the incoming pandemic at the tome, there was a lesson to be learned from Trump’s example, and we can only hope that Biden did exactly that.