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Beyoncé And Solange Are Not Sisters, But Mother And Daughter?!

by Elsa Stringer

Singer exposed in a shock statement: Beyoncé’s associate says she and Solange are not sisters, but mother and daughter. There has been a lot of gossip lately around Beyoncé, that her sister Solange is her daughter. In addition, some believe the iconic actress is seven years older than she really is, meaning 44 instead of 37.

A former associate of hers started these rumors, as they say the pop diva gave birth to Solange while still very young, 12 or 13 years old to be more precise, so her parents raised them as sisters.


“Her cousin told me Beyoncé is the mother of Solange. She told me this in confidence, while we were talking about teen pregnancies. The cousin in question is not of sarcastic nature, so I doubt they would come up with something as scandalous and controversial as this,” said the source for Daily Mirror.


They added that the pop star was not born in 1981 as she claims. “I saw a picture in her drivers’ license, which was on my manager’s personal computer. Her exact birth date is September 4, 1973”, claims the source.

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In addition, they revealed that actress Gabriel Union who is 46, once said that she has known Beyoncé since they were kids. Therefore, media suggests that Beyoncé was truly born in 1974, and that she would soon turn 45.


Beyoncé has not yet commented on this latest development.
The singer has a 7 year old daughter Blue Ivy with the rapper and music producer Jay Z. Moreover, she brought twins to the world around two years ago, a bot and a girl.